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BBC News with Sue Montgomery

The moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani has described his win in Iran’s presidential election as a victory of wisdom over extremism. Mr. Rouhani won 18.5million votes giving him just over 50% of the ballot. The turnout was high at 72%. Big celebrations are taking place in Tehran. Richard Galpin reports.

It was just a few days ago that he became in effect the opposition candidate after receiving the backing of two senior leaders of the Reformist Movement. His campaign suddenly gain momentum with many voters realizing it was worth taking parts in the election. He’s spoken out about the need for civil rights charter and for restoring relations with the West which’s imposed sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program. The British foreign office has called on the president’s elect to set a run on a new course and to address international concerns about his country’s nuclear program.

The United States has said it’s ready to engage directly with Iran over its nuclear program following the election of Mr. Rouhani. The White House praised the Iranian people for having the courage to make their voices heard despite what it called government obstacles including censorship, a lack of transparency and intimidating security. France said it was willing to work with Mr. Rouhani on the nuclear issue and the conflict in Syria.

Turkish police have evicted protesters from Taksim Square and Gazi Park in Istanbul with a show of overwhelming force hours after the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan again demanded they end the occupation. The security services moved in swiftly using water cannon and teargas. After the raid, thousands took to the streets in the capital Ankara waving Turkish flags and chanting ‘dictator resign.’ Chris Morris has more from Ankara.

It’s interesting the police have clashed in this way before with protesters but this time it seems they’ve gone in with massive force. One Turkish journalist I know, who’s said he’d never seen so much teargas used in a single moment in the city. In the picture I’m watching at the moment here in Ankara showed that there are now armies of people clearing up. The tent camp which developed in Gazi Park next to Taksim Square and most the people who’ve been protesting there from the last two weeks clearly been pushed back by what need to be described as a show of overwhelming force.

Officials in Pakistan say a lengthy standoff between militants and the security forces at a hospital has finally ended. Gunmen had seized control of the hospital in Quetta and Baluchistan where survivors of an earlier attack on a university bus were been treated. Fourteen female students died in the bus attack. Another ten people including nurses and a senior government official die during the hospital siege. An extremist Sunni militant group says it carried out both attacks.

World News from the BBC

A passenger plane traveling from Cairo to New York has made an emergency landing in Britain after a threatening note was found on board. The aircraft was escorted to the ground at Prestwick by British military aircraft. James Shaw reports.
一架从开罗飞往纽约的客机在机上发现威胁消息,然后在英国紧急降落。这架飞机在英国军机的护送下在普雷斯特维克着陆。James Shaw报道。

The Egyptair Boeing777 was escorted to Prestwick by two RAF fighter jets which had been scrambled to deal with the emergency. The plane was moved to an isolated part of the airport and surrounded by police vehicles. Later passengers were allowed to leave the plane and kept in a secure location so they could be questioned. The passenger who found the note and alerted the crew said it was on a paper napkin and written in what was almost like child’s handwriting. It read ‘I will set this plane on fire.’

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has secured the agreement of ten of Britain’s overseas territories to make their tax system more transparent. He announced the deal in London after meeting the leaders of territories including Bermuda and Jersey which are widely viewed as tax heavens.

“At the G8 I’m gonna push for international agreements to fight the scourge of tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. That means automatic exchange of information between our tax authorities so those who want to evade taxes have nowhere to hide. It means getting companies to report tax to tax authorities where they earn their profits and where they pay their tax. It also means transparency about who owns which companies and who benefits from it.”

Riot police in Brazil have clashed with protesters outside the main football stadium in the capital Brasilia hours before the start of an international tournament. Police used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of people protesting against the expense of sporting events including next year’s World Cup. It’s the latest in a wave of protest against rising living costs in Brazil.

BBC News


1.restore vt. 恢复;修复;归还

The chief engineer who was forced to resign last week has been restored to his post.

2.censorship n. 审查制度;审查机构

The decree imposed strict censorship of the media.

3.intimidate vt. 恐吓,威胁;胁迫

If you try to intimidate us by threats, you'll get more than you bargained for.

4.lengthy adj. 漫长的,冗长的;啰唆的

After lengthy talks the two sides finally reached a compromise .

5.escort vt. 护送;陪同;为…护航

Policemen had to escort the referee from the football field.

6.scramble vi. 爬行,攀登;不规则地生长;仓促行动

There was an undignified scramble for the best seats.

7.scourge n. 鞭;灾祸;鞭子;苦难的根源

After the scourge of war came the scourge of disease.

8.disperse vt. 分散;使散开;传播

The riot police dispersed the crowd.


1.The White House praised the Iranian people for having the courage to make their voices heard despite what it called government obstacles including censorship, a lack of transparency and intimidating security.

make their voices heard 发表意见 ; 让他们的心声被听到

We were determined to make our voices heard.

It is this belief, this optimism, that Senator Obama and I share, and that has inspired so many millions of our supporters to make their voices heard.

2.A passenger plane traveling from Cairo to New York has made an emergency landing in Britain after a threatening note was found on board.

on board 在船(火车、飞机)上

There are two restaurants on board ship .

When all the people were on board, the boat bore away.
当所有人都上船后, 那艘船离岸了.

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