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埃及总统穆尔西(Mohammed Morsi)警告称,政治分化正在威胁国家民主状况。在执政一周年全国电视讲话中,穆尔西(Mohammed Morsi)承认他犯了一些错误。他承诺在国家机构立即进行根本性改革。我们的通讯员Aleem Maqbool做出了如下评价。


BBC News with Nick Kelly.
Nick Kelly为您报道BBC新闻。

The Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has warned that political polarisation is threatening democracy in the country. In a nationwide television address to mark his first year in office, Mr Morsi admitted he had made some mistakes. He promised to introduce immediate and radical reforms in state institutions. Our correspondent Aleem Maqbool has this assessment.
埃及总统穆尔西(Mohammed Morsi)警告称,政治分化正在威胁国家民主状况。在执政一周年全国电视讲话中,穆尔西(Mohammed Morsi)承认他犯了一些错误。他承诺在国家机构立即进行根本性改革。我们的通讯员Aleem Maqbool做出了如下评价。

He started with a very conciliatory tone. He even made, acknowledged making mistakes. He spoke very softly and he said Egyptians shouldn’t accuse each other and within a few minutes, he was doing exactly that—he was accusing old regime figures; he was naming individual politicians; he named a judge; he named a journalist; he talked like all of these people conspiring against him. So I think those protests that are planned over the weekend are going to be as big as a lot of people anticipated.

President Obama has welcomed the United States Supreme Court ruling which quashed a law that discriminated against same-sex couples. In a landmark ruling, the judges struck down the defence of Marriage Act, a law that denied federal recognition of same-sex marriages. The historic ruling means that legally married gay, men and women in the 12 states where such unions are permitted, are now entitled to claim the same federal benefits as opposite-sex married couples. The two couples which brought that case celebrated the decision outside the court. Before turning to hug and kiss his partner, Paul Katami told the crowd that marriage was the natural next step in their relationship.
奥巴马总统对美国最高法院一项裁决表示欢迎,该裁决宣布歧视同性恋夫妻的法律无效。在里程碑式的裁决中,大法官们推翻了拒绝认可同性恋婚姻的《婚姻保护法》。该历史性的裁决意味着,在允许同性恋结婚的12个州,合法结婚的同性恋男女与异性恋婚姻夫妇享有同样的联邦权利。递交该案件的两对夫妇在法院外举行了庆祝活动。在拥抱和亲吻自己的伴侣之前,保罗·卡塔米(Paul Katami)告诉,婚姻将是他们恋情的下一个步骤。

"We want to join the institution of marriage not to take anything away, but to strengthen it, and to live up to its ideals. So today is good day. Today I finally get to look at the man that I love and finally say ‘will you please marry me?’"

About 40,000 people have marched towards the football stadium where Brazil have played Uruguay in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup. Thousands of police have assembled outside the stadium in the city of Belo Horizonte. The BBC’s Alastair Leithead was there.
大约40,000人举行了游行活动,前往巴西和乌拉圭举行联合会杯半决赛的足球场。数千名警察在贝洛奥里藏特这个体育场外聚集。BBC记者Alastair Leithead报道。

Thousands of people are making their way from the centre of Belo Horizonte—a long snaking line toward the football stadium. Although mostly organised through social media, those leading the march urged the crowd to make sure the demonstrations peaceful. Thousands of police have assembled near the stadium to make sure the march doesn’t interfere with the game or the fans. The crowds are demanding what they’ve been since the protest began-- more government spending on things like education and health, more accountability and a crackdown on corruption.

Some news just in. The South African President Jacob Zuma has cancelled a planned visit to Mozambique after visiting the former President Nelson Mandela in hospital. President Zuma said Mr Mandela remained in a critical condition.
刚刚收到的消息。南非总统祖马(Jacob Zuma)前往医院探视前总统曼德拉之后取消了原计划对莫桑比克的访问。祖马总统表示,曼德拉的身体状况仍然非常危急。

You are listening to the World News from the BBC.

The Venezuelan revolutionary known as Carlos the Jackal has lost his appeal against a life sentence in France. He was jailed for orchestrating a series of bombings in France three decades ago. From Paris, Hugh Schofield.
委内瑞拉革命者“胡狼卡洛斯”(Carlos the Jackal)在法国的终身监禁上诉中失败。他因三十年前在法国策划了一系列爆炸活动而被监禁。巴黎,Hugh Schofield报道。

On the closing day of the month-long trial, the man known as Carlos took his own defence, delivering a four-hour speech, in which he described himself not as a terrorist but a revolutionary. Yes, his organisation had killed hundreds of people, he said, but not the 11 who died in the four bomb attacks in France in 1982 and 1983. The prosecution’s case has always been that Carlos carried out the attacks in order to blackmail the French government into releasing two of his accomplices. But no fresh evidence was produced by Carlos to disapprove the charge, so it is no surprise the court upheld the original conviction.

Police in the United States have charged the American football player Aaron Hernandez with murder. Hernandez was a rising star player with the New England Patriots. His arrest follows the discovery of the body of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-professional footballer. He had been shot near Hernandez's home in Attleborough in Massachusetts.
美国警方控告橄榄球队员埃尔南德斯(Aaron Hernandez)谋杀罪。埃尔南德斯(Aaron Hernandez)是新英格兰爱国者队崛起的新星。此前,警方发现了27岁的半职业橄榄球选手奥丁·利来(Odin Lloyd)的尸体。他在马萨诸塞州Attleborough小镇埃尔南德斯家附近被枪杀。

And there’s been an astonishing day of tennis at the Wimbledon Championships. The former champion Roger Federer has been defeated by Sergiy Stakhovsky of Ukraine, who ranks 116 in the world. Stakhovsky spoke to the BBC after the match. He acknowledged the odds have been against him.
温布尔登网球锦标赛经历了令人惊讶的一天。前冠军费德勒(Roger Federer)被世界排名116位的乌克兰选手斯塔霍夫斯基(Sergiy Stakhovsky)击败。斯塔霍夫斯基赛后接受了BBC采访。他承认自己非常幸运。

"I am incredibly happy. Well, when you play Roger Federer at Wimbledon, it’s like you are playing two persons. First you play Roger Federer, and then you play his ego and on the centre court of Wimbledon where he is historical, I will say. So that’s like playing two against one.”

Another former champion Maria Sharapova has been knocked out of the tournament and seven players forced to withdraw because of injury. The most high-profile was the women’s second seed Victoria Azarenka, who injured herself in her opening match.
另外一名前冠军莎拉波娃 (Maria Sharapova)也被淘汰出局,另有七名选手因受伤被迫退出比赛。最受瞩目的是女子二号种子选手阿扎伦卡(Victoria Azarenka)。她不幸在首场比赛中负伤。

BBC News.


1.admit v.承认;招供

I must admit I'm completely foxed.

2.radical adj. 根本的,基本的

This decision signified a radical change in their policies.

3.conciliatory adj. 安抚的;说服的

The next time he spoke he used a more conciliatory tone.

4.conspire v.阴谋策划

You conspire with him against me, don't you?

5.quash vt. [法]废除,使无效

The applicant sought judicial review to quash the order.

6.assemble v. 集合,收集

All the students were asked to assemble in the main hall.

7.accountability n. 有责任,有义务

You know how large a part questions of accountability have played in ethical controversy.

8.blackmail vt. 胁迫,勒索,敲诈,讹诈

She demanded $ 1000 blackmail from him.

9.disapprove v.不赞成

He would doubtless disapprove of what Kelly was doing.

10.incredibly adv. 难以置信地,很,极为

I find these chairs incredibly uncomfortable.


1.We want to join the institution of marriage not to take anything away, but to strengthen it, and to live up to its ideals.

live up to不辜负; 实行; 履行

One ought to live up to what he knows to be right.

2.Thousands of police have assembled near the stadium to make sure the march doesn’t interfere with the game or the fans.

interfere with干涉,干扰,妨碍

She never allows her private affairs to interfere with production.

3.Another former champion Maria Sharapova has been knocked out of the tournament and seven players forced to withdraw because of injury.

knock out淘汰

Henri Leconte has been knocked out in the quarter-finals of the Geneva Open...

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