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BBC News with David Austin

Tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of the Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have staged rival rallies around the country ahead of the first anniversary of his coming to power on Sunday. Egyptian security officials say that in Alexandria, a young American man was killed during the protests. Jane O'Brien has more details.

According to Egyptian security officials, the young man was stabbed in the chest during anti-government protests, although some reports suggest he may have been wounded by gun pellets. He was apparently using a mobile phone camera near an office of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party which was being attacked by opponents of President Mohammed Morsi. He was taken to a military hospital where he died from his injuries. Egyptian state television described the man as a photojournalist, but Alexandria security chief Amin Ezzedine said he worked at a US cultural centre in the city.
埃及安全官员称这名年轻人是在反政府抗议中被人刺向胸部,尽管有报道称他可能霰弹击中。他显然当时在执政的穆斯林兄弟组织办公室附近使用一部相机手机,这时遭到总统穆罕默德·穆尔西支持者的袭击。他被带到一家部队医院,在那里因伤情严重死亡。埃及国家电视台称此人是一名摄影记者,但亚历山大市安全局长Amin Ezzedine说此人就职于该市一家美国文化中心。

President Obama has arrived in South Africa after playing down speculation that he might visit Nelson Mandela in hospital. In comments on board Air Force One, Mr Obama said the last thing he wanted was to be in any way obtrusive. James Copnall reports.
此前有传闻称奥巴马将去医院看望纳尔逊·曼德拉,如今已低调处理此事的他已抵达南非。奥巴马在空军一号上发表讲话,称他最不想做事就是打扰别人。James Copnall报道。

Barack Obama will meet his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma and is expected to make a major speech during his stay here. But there is no doubt his visit will be overshadowed by Nelson Mandela. The global icon is still critically ill in hospital. Mr Obama has already said he is not looking for a photo op or to get in the way of Mr Mandela's family. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Mr Mandela's ex-wife, said she felt it would not be right for Mr Obama to visit the hospital given Mr Mandela's condition.

European Union leaders have agreed to open membership talks with Serbia by January in recognition of its efforts to improve relations with its former province of Kosovo. The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, described the decision as historic. Chris Morris reports.

For much of the 1990s many countries in Europe regarded Serbia as a prior state, the driving force behind the wars that tore the Balkans apart. But now Serbia is taking a decisive step towards eventual membership of the European Union. The decision to begin accession talks by January is a reward for Serbia's efforts to improve relations with Kosovo, its former province which broke away and then declared independence in 2008. The EU has also decided to start work on what's called an association agreement with Kosovo itself covering a variety of economic and political ties.

A Brazilian congressman sentenced to 13 years in jail for corruption has given himself up after several days on the run. Natan Donadon is the first serving congressman to be jailed in Brazil since the end of the military government in the late 1980s. Mr Donadon was convicted three years ago for siphoning off nearly $4m from the state assembly in Rondonia in Brazil's Amazon region.
一名因腐败被判13年监禁的巴西国会议员在逃亡几天后自首。Natan Donadon是自20世纪80年代军政府结束以来首位入狱的在职议员,他在巴西亚马逊地区隆多尼亚州众议院侵吞近400万美元的资金,被判三年徒刑。

This is the World News coming to you from the BBC.

The father of a fugitive CIA analyst Edward Snowden says he's reasonably confident his son will return to the United States to face trial for espionage. Lon Snowden was speaking to the American TV channel NBC. Jonny Dymond reports from Washington.

"I love him”, says Lon Snowden of his son Edward. “And I want to communicate with him. I don't want to put him in peril.” The two men have not spoken since Edward fled to Hong Kong after he leaked classified information about America's huge worldwide covert surveillance operations. Lon Snowden says he believes that his son would return voluntarily to the United States which has charged him with espionage if he had a guarantee that he’d not be held prior to any trial and that he'd not be in anyway gagged.

One of the world's largest media empires, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, will be divided in two shortly. The corporation's entertainment arm, which includes Hollywood movie studio, will split from its publishing business when US financial markets close. Here is our business correspondent Mark Gregory.

Rupert Murdoch spent his career building a global media group that last year had revenues of $34bn. Now at the age of 82 he is breaking it up. The stated logic is financial, but there is also an unstated logic behind this split-- the division lessens the risk that the highly profitable movie-making and television arm of the business will be contaminated by the fallout of a phone hacking scandal that's engulfed Mr Murdoch's British newspapers. Our business correspondent Mark Gregory

The social networking website Facebook has announced major changes to the way it displays advertising in an attempt to deal with concerns about offensive content. Facebook said that from Monday adverts would be removed from pages that feature violent or sexual content.

And those are the latest stories from BBC News.


1.obtrusive adj. 突出的;强迫人的;冒失的

The sofa would be less obtrusive in a paler colour.

2.overshadow vt. 使失色;使阴暗;遮阴;夺去…的光彩

He was an excellent player, but he was overshadowed by Jordan.

3.photo op [美国、加拿大口语] = photo opportunity 拍照机会

The group from NASA is assembling for their photo - op.

4.siphon off 吮吸

We need a new road to siphon off some of the traffic from the town center.

5.espionage n. 间谍;间谍活动;刺探

Some of the commercial activities were a cover for espionage.

6.peril n. 危险;冒险

Keep off at your peril!

7.gag vt. 塞住…的口;钳制…的言论;使窒息

He was gagged by the kidnappers.

8.fallout n. 原子尘;[核][环境] 放射性尘埃;原子尘微粒回降;附带结果

There was a lot of fallout after the police bribes were made public.


1.President Obama has arrived in South Africa after playing down speculation that he might visit Nelson Mandela in hospital.

play down 贬低;降低;减少

Washington has played down the significance of the exercise.

The newspaper stories played down the actor's unattractive past.

2.Mr Obama has already said he is not looking for a photo op or to get in the way of Mr Mandela's family.

get in the way of 妨碍,阻碍

Children shouldn't get in the way of a successful career.

Her social life get in the way of her study.

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