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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshimi Singh.

New development in ill feet Carnival cruise liner, today the coast guard says the engine room fire that knock down power to the vessel is caused by leaking a few oil return line. Thousands of people onboard the Carnival trying for stuck on board without electricity or working toilet. The ship eventually was towed to Mobil Alabama.

The European Union has decided to keep sanction in place against Syria for another three months. But as BBC Jimmy Muir told us from Cairo, the arm embargo would be changed to allow more non-lethal support to get through. The decision reached by European foreign ministers was a compromise. Britain, Italy, and some other nations wanted to lift embargo on arm to the rebels, so the regime demise could be hastened. But Germany and others believe that more arms would just mean more death and destruction. The decision has to be made by consensus. So the outcome was the way would be open for more non-lethal to the opposition and technical support to help protect civilians. But what exactly that means wasn't spelled out . The BBC Jim Muir in Cairo.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez made surprise return to his homeland today overjoyed his followers after his two month cooperation from cancer surgery in Cuba. NPR's Wong Ferrera reports the opposition asks more clarity about Chavez health problems. The crowds celebrate in Caracas Bolivar Plaza after Chavez arrived in Venezuelan at 2:30 in morning. The president was quickly taken to military hospital. Opponent, though, said his reappearance did little clear question about his condition. The government has yet said what kind of cancer Chavez has or what problem it is. The country only knows he has been battling for 19 months and has undergone forth surgeries in Venezuela. Now the Chavez back, he can be swarming as president. Last month, he missed his only inauguration because of his condition. The supreme court ruled that was ok but Chavez's adversary said his absence violated the constitution. Wong Ferrera, NPR News.

South Africa Olympian Oscar Pistorius is expected to return to Court in Johannesburg tomorrow to answer charge of murdering his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. He has not yet entered the plea in the case, meanwhile there will be a private funeral for 29 year old alleged victim who was found shot to death on Valentine's Day. The athlete standing down for outcomes months after he made history at London Game as the first double-amputee track South Africa has competed in the Olympics.

Republican senator Mike Johanns would not seek reelection next year. The lawmaker from Nebraska made announcement that he wants to retire and spent more time with his family.

This is NPR news.

Fans are remembering country star Mindy McCready who died yesterday at the age of 37. The authorities say the singer apparently shot herself at Arkansas home as autopsy explained. McCready won over fans with songs such as Guys Do It All The Time and Ten Thousand Angles. McCready was known just as much for her publicized struggle including substance abuse, legal disabusing. Three previous suicide attempts, the McCready was survived by her two young sons.
歌迷们为乡村歌手曼迪·麦克格雷迪举行纪念活动,这位歌手于昨天死亡,年仅37岁。官方表示,据尸检报告显示,很明显麦克格雷迪是在阿肯色州家中吞枪自杀。麦克格雷格凭借歌曲《Guys Do It All The Time》和《Ten Thousand Angels》赢得了大量歌迷。麦克格雷迪因滥用药物、法律纠纷等公开的问题而备受关注。她此前曾有三次自杀未遂,死后遗下一对幼子。

It was a new story that shook up last year's presidential race that secret recording of Mitt Romney's talking with big donors. NPR's Jim Howard reports now the journalist who first reported is winning a top award.

Mother Jones's Washington bureau chief, David Corn is winning this year George Polk Awards for political reporting for his story of seral pieces recording of governor Romney telling supporters that close to event that 47 percent of Americans see themselves as victims. "there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled." Polk award was also going to Journalist from another News organization including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Bloomberg News, McClatchy Newspapers and Frontline among others. Long island University would present the award in April. Jim Howard, NPR News, Washington.

Jerry Buss who led Los Angeles Lakers starred with ten championship of NBA has died at the age of 80. Team website post statement on behave of owner family saying Buss past away this morning .

This is NPR.


1. spell out
eg. Be assertive and spell out exactly how you feel.
As we understand the situation perfectly, there is no need for me to spell out the dangers.
eg. It has taken the euro crisis to spell out the brutal implications.

2. stand down
eg. Four days later, the despised leader finally stood down, just 17 days after taking office.
4天后,这位遭到鄙视的领导人终于下台了,离他就职只有 17 天。
eg. Profits plunged and he stood down as chairman last January.
因利润骤降,他作为董事长于去年 1 月辞职了。
eg. The judge asked the witness to stand down.

3. win over
eg. He has won over a significant number of the left-wing deputies.
eg. They still hope to win him round.
eg. Win over all who can be won over.

4. shake up
eg. The government wanted to reform the institutions, to shake up the country.
eg. The jockey was shaken up when he was thrown twice from his horse yesterday.
eg. He said that the accident had left her a bit shook up, but she was going to be just fine.

5. be dependent upon/on
eg. Success is dependent on your efforts and ability.
eg. If your happiness is entirely dependent on another's love, you will never truly be happy.
eg. Personality and identity are not dependent upon physical form.

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