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 From NPR news in Washington, I am Lakshimi Singh.

The Lone Star College near Houston, Texas remains on lockdown after a shooting on campus. It's uncertain how many people were injured. There is a word that at least one suspect is in custody . Jack Williams, news director of member station KUHF in Houston says students are describing the first moments of the ordeal.

Several students have described an altercation involving the shooter and possibly another student. There was obviously chaos there on the scene as the shootings took place with soft stretchers being loaded; and ambulances and helicopters flying around the scene, students leaving the campus. Some of students were actually allowed to leave the campus said that they saw the gunman shooting another man and possibly accidentally shooting several other people nearby. They said it was a chaotic scene and they try to get away as soon they could.

KUHF news director Jack Williams. The shooting comes at a politically sensitive time for the Obama administration which enters the second term for more gun control. The president presented proposals more than a month after a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

Nebraska's governor has told the Obama administration that he is now in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline. NPR's Richard Harris reports the governor had originally objected to the Canadian pipeline because it would cut through sensitive lands.
内布拉斯加州州长告诉奥巴马政府,现在他支持Keystone XL管道项目。据NPR新闻的理查德·哈里斯报道,州长最初因为加拿大管道项目会穿过几块敏感的土地而反对这个项目。

The Keystone XL pipeline would carry thick Canadian oil from Alberta to refineries along the Texas coast. But in 2001, Nebraska's governor Dave Heineman tried to block the pipeline because it would run through the state's fragile Sandhills region. As a result, the Canadian companies picked a new route for the pipeline. The governor, a Republican, has now told the Obama administration the new route is okay. He wants to create those pipeline construction jobs in his state. President Obama will ultimately have to decide whether the pipeline fits into his all-of-the-above energy strategy or if he would side with climate activists who say this oil should remain in the ground just slow global warming. Richard Harris, NPR news.
Keystone XL管道项目将从阿尔伯塔省运送加拿大重油至德克萨斯海岸的炼油厂。可是2001年,内布拉斯加州州长戴夫·海涅曼试图阻止这条管道,因为管道将会从该州脆弱的沙丘地区穿过。结果,加拿大公司为这条管道选择了一条新的路线。这位共和党州长告诉奥巴马政府,新路线没问题。他希望管道的建设工作能在他的州内创造就业机会。对于这条管道是适合进入总统所述的能源战略方案,还是支持气候活动人士提出的让其留在地下以减缓全球变暖的观点,奥巴马总统拥有最终决定权。NPR新闻,理查德·哈里斯报道。

So, the National Association of Realtors is saying existing home sales in December slipped a bit. NPR's Yuki Noguchi reports sales are curtailed by low inventory and stricter mortgage underwriting standards.
全美地产经纪商协会表示,12月份现房销售额有所下滑。据NPR新闻的Yuki Noguchi报道,销售额缩水的原因是库存量不足和更严格的抵押贷款标准。

Sales of existing homes fell 1% in November, a slight decline that the Realtors Association attributed them part the fact that fewer homes are on the market. Inventory which had skyrocketed a few years ago fell again in December and it is now at a 4.5 months' supply, lower than the 6 months that is standard in a normal market. Still, low interest rates and an improved job market increased demand in 2012 and made the most active year for existing home sales in 5 years. Home prices also continue to increase. They rose 6.3% last year over 2011. Yuki Noguchi, NPR news, Washington.
11月份现房销售额下降了1%,地产经纪商协会表示,小幅下滑的部分原因是市场上的房屋越来越少。几年前开始猛增的库存12月份再次出现下滑现象,现在的供应周期为4.5个月,低于6个月的市场正常标准。但是,低利率以及就业市场改善使得2012年的需求量增加,这也是5年来现房销售表现最活跃的一年。房屋价格继续保持上升趋势。去年较2011年价格上涨了6.3%。NPR新闻,Yuki Noguchi华盛顿报道。

Dow is up 45 points.

This is NPR news.

Activists on the both sides of the abortion debate marking this 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, the Supreme Court decision on women's right to abortion. Opponents are holding prayers, workshops, and rallies against termination of pregnancy. In Kansas, hundreds of people gather to listen to Republican governor Sam Brownback who is calling for further restrictions. Meanwhile the National Organization for Women plans a candle light vigil at the Supreme Court.

The director best known for the Death Wish movies has died. NPR's Neda Ulaby reports he died yesterday at his home in London after a long illness.

"World to the muggers, rapists, and carjackers who messed with Charles Bronson in the Death Wish series."

"It's my car.” “Are you going dead?!"

The five Death Wish movies made over 60 million dollars in the US alone. Critics revile the gory violence and prove vigilante message. Winner who has educated at a Quaker school described in this 'a puddle of blood'. The director was flamboyant, political conservative, and last year was voted among the annoying people in Britain. He annoyed plenty of restaurant tours in his side career as a food critic for the Sunday times. Michael Winner was 77 years old. Neda Ulaby, NPR news.

Stocks wavered in an early trading today on Wall Street as companies turned in a mix-batch of earnings report. Du Pont, for example rose after reporting incoming that beat Wall Street's forecast. Johnson & Johnson beat most expectations for the final quarter of the year. Last check, Dow was up more than 40 points at 13,693.

This is NPR.


1. in custody

eg. Military officials say the alleged attacker is in custody.

eg. If retained in custody, he would have to be charged.

eg. The prison shall provide conveniences for the lawyer to meet the criminal in custody.

2. in favor of

eg. But in the last decade neuroscientists have overthrown this idea in favor of a more malleable brain.

eg. Similar poll done in 2005, probably in favor of equal shares and votes, about 47%.

eg. The umpire should have no bias in favor of either side.

3. fit into
(使)适合, (使)合乎…的时间[空间],与…融为一体;纳入

eg. I'd like to think he could fit into the team. We've got wide men going forward but they've got defensive responsibilities as well.

eg. Traditional roles do not fit into the new world.

eg. We interview all of them. Then we select three or four that we think have the right background that may fit into the company.

4. side with

eg. The chairman is not allowed to side with neither side in a debating contest.

eg. No matter what you determine to do, I would side with you.

eg. It is safer to side with the stronger party.

5. mess with somebody

eg. You are messing with people's religion and they don't like that...

eg. Do you know who you're messing with — do you know who I am?

eg. Nobody dares to mess with me.

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