NPR英语新闻:奥巴马提名新任国务卿 美研制出新型流感疫苗(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the turmoil unfolding in North Africa underscores a broader strategic challenge confronting the global community. In Mali, France is battling Al-Qaeda linked Insurgents and in neighboring Algeria Islamist militants have kidnapped 41 people at an energy plant.

"The situation is very fluid. It's in a remote area of Algeria near the Libyan boarder. The security of our Americans who are held hostages are highest priority, but of course, we care deeply about the other Algerian and foreign hostages as well."

Reports of casualties during an attempted Algerian military rescue have not been independently verified.

Trouble continues to mount for Boeing's Dreamliner. The European Aviation Safety Agency is now the latest to ground the 787s and investigators are concern lithium batteries in the planes can leak corrosive fluid and start fires.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee next week will consider its own chairman for a key cabinet post. As NPR's S.V. Date reports Senator John Kerry will face questions from his committee members regarding his pick as President Obama's. Secretary of State.
下周,参议院外交委员会将考虑一个关键的内阁职务,即委员会主席的职位。据NPR新闻的S.V. Date报道,参议员约翰·克里因被奥巴马总统提名为国务卿,将面临来自委员会成员的质询。

The Committee has set Senator Kerry's nomination hearing for next Thursday at 10am. The President chose Kerry after UN ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration. Republican Senators indicated they will block her confirmation over her public statements regarding an attack in U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Kerry was a Democratic presidential nominee in 2004 and he's chaired Foreign Relations Committee since 2009. He is expected to win the approval of his committee as well as confirmation by the full Senate. S.V. Date, NPR News.
委员会将参议员克里的提名听证会安排在下周四上午十点进行。在联合国大使苏珊·赖斯放弃竞逐国务卿一职后,总统选择了克里。共和党参议员暗示,由于赖斯就美国大使在利比亚班加西遇袭一事所发表的公开声明,他们会阻挠赖斯的提名批准。克里2004年曾获得民主党提名参加总统竞选,自2009年开始执掌外交委员会。他期望既能赢得其所在委员会的支持,也能得到整个参议院的批准。NPR新闻,S.V. Date报道。

As flu continues to grow most of the U.S., there may soon be a way to speed up vaccine production. NPR's Richard Knox reports federal regulators have approved a new type of vaccine that avoids the need to grow the flu virus in eggs.

Ordinary flu vaccine is made by first growing virus in eggs, then extracting, killing and purifying it. That can take many months. The new vaccine called Flu Block is made without eggs. Scientists put a flu virus gene into a virus infected insects. The insect cells churned out flu virus protein to make vaccine. Protein scientists which developed Flu Block says the process of making a new flu vaccine takes only 21 days, so a properly matched vaccine could be a production much faster. The U.S. government has subsidized the new technology, because it could speed vaccine production when a new pandemic virus emergence. Some Flu Block should be available this spring. Its maker says 5 million doses will be ready for next year's flu season. Richard Knox, NPR News. "
普通的流感疫苗是由卵细胞中第一个生长出来的病毒制成,然后再对其进行分离、灭活及纯化。这个过程需要数月的时间。新疫苗名为Flu Block,它的制作不需要卵细胞。科学家把流感病毒基因放进受病毒感染的昆虫体内。昆虫细胞生产出流感病毒蛋白,然后制作成疫苗。研制出Flu Block疫苗的蛋白质科学家表示,制作新流感疫苗的过程只需要21天,所以正确匹配疫苗的生产可能会更快。美国政府对这项新技术给予了补贴,因为当新的大流行病毒出现时,它能加速疫苗的生产时间。今年春天,一些Flu Block疫苗就可以使用了。疫苗的制作者表示,明年流感季来临时将会准备好5百万剂疫苗。NPR新闻,理查德·诺克斯报道。

This is NPR.

Fewer homes are moving into foreclosure in the U.S. evident by yet another decline posted in 2012. NPR's Dave Mattingly has that story.

Realty Trac's Daren Blomquist says foreclosure filings were down 3% last year to a level more than 1/3 of its peak. 'The big picture trend is definitely downward, looking back now over last 3 years, we can see repeat with this foreclosure crisis in 2010 with 2.9 million properties, receiving foreclosure filings nationwide that year.' That number last year was lower by more than a million. Florida, Arizona, and Nevada had the nation's highest foreclosure rates, despite the improvements. Dave Mattingly, NPR News, Washington.
Realty Trac公司的达伦·布洛姆奎斯特表示,去年止赎申请下降了3%,下降幅度超过其峰值的三分之一。“大的趋势肯定是下降,现在回顾一下前三年,我们可以看到2010年不断重复发生着止赎危机,那年全国有290万处房屋收到了止赎申请。”去年这个数字减少了100万。全国止赎率最高的州是佛罗里达州、亚利桑那州和内华达州,不过这几个州的情况也有所好转。NPR新闻,戴夫·马丁利华盛顿报道。

Fewer Americans have filed for unemployment insurance than any other time in the last 5 years. Labor Department reveals today benefit applications drop to 335,000 last week. The less volatile 4 week average also fell. It's under 360,000. However, the job figures tend to fluctuate at the start of the year as employers lay off workers who are hired just for the holidays.

Debate continues over the anti-gun violence proposals, president Obama announced yesterday. The head of National Rifle Association told CBS he has no problems with tighter background checks for gun buyers. But David King says the administration should pay less attention to banning certain firearms and more attention on improving the country's 'broken mental health system'.

US stock trading higher with Dow gaining 111 points to 13,622. NASDAQ up to 21. SP&500 up 11.

This is NPR.


1. withdraw from

eg. Unless Hitler withdrew his troops from Poland by 11 o'clock that morning, a state of war would exist between Great Britain and Germany.

eg. They withdrew 100 dollars from a bank account after checking out of their hotel.

eg. The African National Congress threatened to withdraw from the talks.

2. churn out

eg. He began to churn out literary compositions in English.

eg. Inflection points always churn out confused signals and therefore mixed interpretations.

eg. It is a habit that will lead you to a life where you have peace of mind, better and more efficient work churn out and more time on your hands to do the things you enjoy.

3. look back

eg. Looking back, I am staggered how easily it was all arranged.

eg. No matter what happens, don't look back.

eg. I know you can't look back, you can never go back.

4. tend to

eg. Now economics tend to be complex and global.

eg. When we are feeling down we tend to lock ourselves away and reduce our contact with the outside world.

eg. When you are going upwards in life you tend to overestimate yourself. When you are going downhill you tend to underestimate yourself.

5. lay off

100,000 federal workers will be laid off to reduce the deficit.

They did not sell a single car for a month and had to lay off workers.

He went on attacking her until other passengers arrived and told him to lay off.

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