NPR英语新闻:奥巴马总统宣誓 阿尔及利亚新发现25具尸体(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Nora Raum.

President Obama's second term is officially underway after a private ceremony this morning at the White House.

"Please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of United States."

Chief justice John Roberts administered the oath of office. The constitution requires the President take the oath before noon on January 20th. He and Roberts will repeat the process tomorrow in front of hundreds of thousands of people at the public ceremony outside the U.S. capital.

Algerian bomb disposal teams are searching through the gas plant in the Sahara, following the end of the 4-day siege there. Officials say another 25 bodies have been found. It's not clear whether they are hostages or militants. As of yesterday, 23 foreign hostages were killed, but Algerian officials had expected that number to rise. NPR's Philip Reeves has more.

Algerian forces are coming through the vast gas complex for explosive and booby traps. Reports said they found guns, grenades and suicide jackets. Now the Associated Press says they found more corpses. The agency says it's been told by unnamed security official that Algerian bomb squads found numerous new bodies. The source reportedly said they are too badly disfigured to identify and could be either Algerian or foreign hostages. According to the Algerian Interior Ministry, 32 Islamist militants were killed during the siege, which began when they stormed the gas plant, seizing many hostages and threating to blow up the place. Philip Reeves, NPR news, London.

In Afghanistan, a new report by the United Nations says torture and abuse continue to be widespread in Afghan run detention centers. NPR's Sean Carberry reports as a result of the findings, NATO has suspended transferring detainees to some Afghan facilities.

Despite variety of new protocols and training measures by Afghan security forces, the UN says allegations of torture increased in the number of facilities compare to the previous year. Overall, the report found that half the detainees' interviewed over a one-year period provided credible evidence of ill treatment. Most often, physical abused to coax and confessions. One year when the official involved in the study said there is persistent lack of accountability for perpetrators of torture with few investigations and no prosecutions. The Afghan government claims the level of torture in the report is exaggerated. Sean Carberry, NPR News, Kabul.

Military officials in Yemen say at least 8 suspected Al-Qaida militants were killed in Yemen last night, in two drone strikes believed to be carried out by the U.S. The attacks are in southern part of the country where Al-Qaida in Arabian Peninsular is active. Western governments consider that group to be one of the most active and dangerous wings in Al-Qaida.

This is NPR News.

The trial of 5 men accused of the rape and murder of a woman on a bus in New Delhi last month is scheduled to begin tomorrow. It is to take place in a special fast track court set up for this case as sixth suspect will be trialed in Juvenile court. Authorities say 40 rapes have been reported in the last two weeks of the year after December 16th gang rape of the 23-year-old student.

Accused online pirate Kim Dotcom has launched a new file sharing website. Stewart Cowen reports from Sydney the new site went online a year after Dotcom was arrested in New Zealand.
被称为“在线海盗”的Kim Dotcom推出了一个新的文件分享网站。据斯图尔特·考恩从悉尼带来的报道,这个新网站在Dotcom于新西兰被捕一年后正式上线。

It's been exactly one year since U.S. authority shut down Megaupload, one of the world's largest file sharing websites. New Zealand police raided the home of its founder, Kim Dotcom, arresting him and several of his associates. But the case is slowly being fallen apart in New Zealand courts, as the U.S. tries to have Dotcom extradited. Now he's launched a new file sharing website based in New Zealand called Mega. Dotcom's lawyer says they are satisfied that the new website is perfectly legal. It features state-of-the-art encryptions so that only the users know what's being uploaded that could stop authorities from accusing the site of aiding online piracy, the key allegation in the Megaupload case. Dotcom claims the sites registered more than half million users in its first 14 hours. For NPR News, I'm Stewart Cowen in Sydney.
Megaupload是世界上最大的文件分享网站之一,现在距离其被美国当局关闭正好过去一年的时间。新西兰警方围捕了网站创始者Kim Dotcom的家,并逮捕了他及他的一些同伙。可是,因为美国试图引渡Doctom,这起案件在新西兰法庭的审理进程非常缓慢,且最终无疾而终。现在他在新西兰推出了名为Mega的新文件分享网站。Doctom的律师表示,新网站完全合法,他们很满意。新网站配备了最新的加密系统,这样一来只有用户知道所上传文件的内容,而且可以防止政府指控其网络盗版,而这正是Megaupload网站被指控的核心罪名。Doctom表示,网站上线14个小时内,注册的用户数量已超过了50万人。NPR新闻,斯图尔特·考恩悉尼报道。

By the end of the day, we should know which teams are going to the Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons are hosting the San Francisco 49ers to determine the winner of the NFC championship, that game's getting underway right now. Later, the Baltimore Ravens will play the New England Patriots in Massachusetts for the AFC Championship. The winners will meet on February 3rd in the Super Bowl.

I'm Nora Raum, NPR News.


1. take the oath

eg. Since he has yet to take the oath of office, it is obviously too soon to tell.

eg. One of the officials take a similar oath on behalf of all judges and officials.

eg. Before giving evidence the witness had to take an oath.

2. come through

eg. The city had faced racial crisis and come through it.

eg. Their talk is often hard to fathom but their exuberance still comes through.

eg. The father of the baby was waiting for his divorce to come through.

eg. The news came through at about five o'clock on election day.

eg. He puts his administration at risk if he doesn't come through on these promises for reform.

eg. We found that we were totally helpless, and our women came through for us.

3. compare to
核对记录;商量了一番,交换意见; 比较;和…相仿;比拟

eg. The network advertisement is the newly arisen advertisement medium, having the advantage that can't compare to, also having the not avoidable blemish.

eg. Marriage maybe compare to a cage,the birds outsides despire to get in ;and those within despire to get out.

However, the competition is dog-eat-dog in the mobile market compare to the others. Nobody can forecast how fast it will be different.

4. fall apart

eg. That's why it seems so hard to get ourselves together, so easy to let ourselves fall apart.

eg. But the unidentified people said the talks still could fall apart.

eg. If it starts to fall apart under the strain of the crisis, the outlook for solving other difficult global issues will be much darker.

5. state-of-the-art

eg. A number of state-of-the-art techniques were incorporated in the design.

eg. Compared with state-of-the-art designs, our architecture delivers the fastest level of performance while using much less memory.

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