NPR英语新闻:美国防部长提名者遇阻挠 美指责中国黑客入侵(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Lakshmi Singh.

Chuck Hagel is being forced to explain some controversial votes and statements on a number of issues, including Iraq, Israel and Iran, as he seeks confirmation as secretary of defense. On Capitol Hill today, the former two-term Republican senator encountered resistance from GOP critics on the Senate Armed Service Committee, who have called Hagel anti-Israel. But Democratic Chairman Karl Levin explained why Hagel should be embraced as the first enlisted man to serve as secretary of defense.

"It would be a positive message for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in harm’s way around the world to know that one of their own holds the highest office in the Department of Defense, and that he has their backs."

Hagel is a decorated Vietnam War veteran.

The Senate is expected to vote today on legislation to suspend enforcement of the debt ceiling for three months. The bill would allow the Treasury to borrow enough money to pay the government’s bills at least through mid-May. The Republican-led House passed the measure last week.

The New York Times says Chinese hackers repeatedly penetrated its computer systems over the past four months. NPR’s Louisa Lim reports the attacks appear to be part of a broad campaign against American media.

In late October, the Times reported that the family members of China’s Premier Wen Jiabao had accumulated assets of at least 2.7 billion dollars. That very day , unusual activity was noticed on the Times’ computer network. The Times says the hackers broke into e-mail accounts of two of its journalists and stole passwords belonging to others. The Times says Bloomberg News was also targeted by hackers after it reported on the family fortune of another Chinese leader. Louisa Lim, NPR News, Beijing.

According to published reports, New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez this month personally repaid nearly 59,000 dollars for two trips to the Dominican Republic aboard a private jet. NPR’s S.V. Date reports the jet is owned by a Florida eye doctor under investigation by the FBI.
据媒体报道,这个月,新泽西州民主党参议员鲍勃·梅嫩德斯以个人的名义,付清了两次乘坐一架私人飞机前往多米尼加共和国的费用,这笔费用近59,000美元。据NPR新闻的S.V. Date报道,这架飞机的所有者是一名佛罗里达州的医生,目前正在接受美国联邦调查局的调查。

Menendez’s office on Wednesday has said his trips have been reported appropriately and paid for. That came hours after the FBI searched the West Palm Beach offices of Salomon Melgen, a friend of Menendez and a major political donor. But Menendez’s chief of staff Dan O'Brien later told NBC News that a search of records have found that one flight in 2010 had been paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee which Menendez chaired at the time. Two other flights that year had not been paid for until earlier this month, when Menendez wrote a check for $58,500. The eye doctor Melgen has faced tax lien from the IRS. S.V. Date, NPR News.
周三,梅嫩德斯的办公室表示,他的行程进行了适当地报道,而且也支付了费用。几个小时以前,联邦调查局搜查了萨洛蒙·梅尔根位于西棕榈滩的办公室,梅尔根是梅嫩德斯的朋友,也是一名主要的政治捐赠者。而不久之后,梅嫩德斯的参谋长丹·奥布莱恩接受NBC News的采访时表示,搜查记录发现了2010年民主党参议院竞选委员会支付的一次行程,而当时梅嫩德斯是委员会的主席。同一年的另外两次行程直到这个月初才支付费用,梅嫩德斯开了一张58,500美元的支票。眼科医生梅尔根面临着美国国税局的征税扣押。NPR新闻,S.V. Date报道。

At last check on Wall Street, Dow was down 22 points at 13,888, NASDAQ up three at 3,145, S&P 500 about a point at 1,501.

You’re listening to NPR News.

Consumer spending and incomes rose last month in the US. NPR’s Dave Mattingly reports economists are viewing the latest numbers with caution.

Incomes rose more than 2.5%, the sharpest jump in eight years. Much of that was corporate bonuses and dividends paid ahead of higher tax rates in the New Year. Consumer spending increased slightly in December, but at a slower pace than in November. And Chief economist Scott Brown at Raymond James & Associates says those higher taxes will be a drag on the economy.
收入增长超过了2.5%,这是近八年来的最大涨幅。其中大多数为公司奖金和新年面临更高税率前所得的分红。12月,消费支出小幅上涨,但增幅小于11月。Raymond James & Associates公司的首席经济学家斯科特·布朗表示,高税收会拖累经济。

"You got an increase in payroll taxes, which is gonna be a real restrain on the consumer spending in the first half of this year."

It’s that spending by consumers which accounts for more than 2/3 of economic growth. Dave Mattingly, NPR News, Washington.

Communities from the South through the Northeastern US still reeling from tornadoes, floods and power outages. More than 100,000 homes and businesses in Connecticut, Rhode Island and upstate New York lost electricity in the latest severe storms, and many homes are damaged or destroyed at Adairsville, Georgia. The storms are blamed in at least two deaths.

Iran and Syria are threatening retaliation for a rare Israeli air strike inside Syrian territory near the capital Damascus. In a letter quoted on Syrian state television, the foreign ministry tells the UN "Syria holds Israel and those were protecting it in the Security Council responsible for the results of the attack," also says it confirms its right to defend its land.

At last check on Wall Street, Dow was down 35 points at 13,876, NASDAQ up slightly at 3,143.

This is NPR.


1. embrace
vt.& vi.拥抱; vt.包括;包含;接受;信奉;n.拥抱,怀抱

eg. The new rules have been embraced by government watchdog organizations.

eg. He embraces the new information age.

eg. At first people were sort of crying for joy and embracing each other.

2. in harm's way

eg. He put himself in harm's way.

eg. You know we still have thousands of troops deployed in harm's way.

eg. The fact that there are that many people living at that sea level means there are probably a lot of people potentially in harm's way.

3. that very day

eg. That very day a gallows was built outside the town.

eg. We have collected some fool's news on that very day, and may you enjoy it.

eg. Narrator: but king stefan, still fearful of his daughter's life, does then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be turned.

4. account for

eg. Computers account for 5% of the country's commercial electricity consumption.

eg. Now, the gene they discovered today doesn't account for all those cases.

eg. He said only 200 of the train's 600 passengers had been accounted for.

eg. The President and the President alone must account for his government's reforms.

eg. The really heavy redundancy costs have been accounted for.

5. responsible for

eg. One should be responsible for his actions.

eg. Global warming was one of the many factors responsible for the worst flooding in decades.

One of the most challenging problems of today's society is the question of who should be responsible for our elderly.

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