NPR英语新闻:奥巴马公布移民改革计划 美国房市现回暖趋势(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh.

President Obama is putting his ideas for immigration overhaul before the people of Las Vegas, Nevada this hour.

"I'm here today because the time has come for a commonsense, comprehensive immigration reform. The time is now." Obama's visit comes a day after a bipartisan group of senators unveil their own plan for addressing the deeply divisive issue. Jude Joffe-Block, a member of Station KJZZ, reports the bipartisan plan won applause from immigrant advocates.

Advocates have applauded the senators' plan for including a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the country now without papers. At the same time, their voice concerns that such a path would be contingent on additional border security measures. Patrick Coyne with the Grass Root Group promised that originally reform to oppose Arizona's immigration enforcement law.
移民倡导者对参议院的计划表示欢迎,该计划包含为美国境内的非法移民者提供获取公民身份的方法。同时,移民倡导者也表示,这种方法也要考虑到额外的边境安全措施。Grass Root Group组织的帕特里克·柯因表示,改革的最初目的是反对亚利桑那州的移民立法。

"We don't need more money being spent on border security. We've got enough out there. We don't need all of these technology to hu nt down people like animals."

Coyne says policies that promote family unity should be the focus of a final immigration bill and her group will continue to advocate for that. For NPR News, I'm Jude Joffe-Block in Phoenix.

But there is still a fair amount of skepticism surrounding the bipartisan proposal. Jessica Zuckerman with the Heritage Foundation says in principle all seems well.

"I don't know if that forge to be the same type of bill that we've seen before, a large comprehensive legislation that tries to address everything at once and fails to recognize that we are not talking about one monolithic group of illegal immigrants."

Zuckerman is a research associate for homeland security and Latin America at the Heritage Foundation.

At the United Nations this afternoon, UN peace envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi is scheduled to brief the Security Council regarding his latest efforts to mediate and end the Syria crisis. Linda Fasulo reports diplomats expect international envoy's assessment will be bleak.

Brahimi has been working for a political solution to the Syrian conflicts since last fall to no avail. He is expected to press Security Council members again including Russia which has vetoed three resolutions calling for stronger action. Last week UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed that it was essential for the Council to uphold its responsibility to help resolve the crisis. He also expressed full support for Brahimi. For NPR News, I'm Linda Fasulo, in New York.

The Syria crisis will be one of the most pressing issues to confront this country's next Secretary of State and that person is widely expected to be Democratic Senator John Kerry. The lawmaker's nomination was approved this morning by his colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The full Senate will decide this afternoon on whether to confirm Kerry.

At last check on Wall Street, Dow was up 69 points at 13,951.

You are listening to NPR News.

Syrian activists are reporting bodies of at least 65 men have been uncovered on the muddy banks of a small river in Aleppo today. The British-based observatory for human rights says many of the victims were found with their hands bound behind their backs. No one is saying who the men were. Rebels and pro-government militia have often blamed each other for mass killings.

A new scientific study calls a question the use of the phrase shark-attack. NPR's Greg Alan reports from Miami researchers from Florida and Australia say the term is misleading and suggest sharks pose a greater risk to humans than it is actually in the case.

The researchers analyzed shark statistics from around the world and found that many so-called attacks involved no injuries to people. Dr. Robert Hueter of Mote Marine Laboratory Center in Florida is calling for researchers and the media to stop using the phrase shark-attack which he says wrongly speculated on sharks' motives and intentions. He's advocating characterizing them as shark sightings, encounters, bites or fatal bites. In Florida that will change the numbers from six hundred attacks over the last century to just 11 fatal shark bites.

"And that really changes the public perception on how dangerous it is to go into the water."

Heuter says more realistic description of shark events will help improve scientists understanding of sharks and discourage governments' sponsor shark-catch. Greg Alan NPR News, Miami.

Reflecting new life in the housing market, home prices have risen at the highest rate in six years. The Standard and Poor's Case Shiller index increased 5.5% in November from the year before. Prices generally rose at all but one of the city survey was Phoenix, San Francisco and Detroit leading the way.

I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News in Washington.

1. be contingent on

eg. It would be far more sensible to make plans for fiscal retrenchment that are explicitly contingent on how the economy recovers.

eg. Our arrival time is contingent on the weather.

eg. However, those savings are contingent on a host of new systems being used in businesses, homes and products around the world.

2. hunt down

eg. Last December they hunted down and killed one of the gangsters.

eg. Those who do not come forward should be hunted down.

eg. It took her four months to hunt him down.

3. in principle

eg. In principle, both problems have the same solution.

eg. We agree with the scheme in principle, but we think it needs modification on certain details.

eg. As long as the fault is not in principle, through dialogue, generally can be resolved.

4. brief

eg. In a brief statement, he concentrated entirely on international affairs.

eg. The secretary of defense briefed the president on the enemy's strength.

eg. He briefed all the agents before assigning them.

5. speculate on

eg. So far, the police can only speculate on the possible motives for the killing.

eg. I allowed myself to speculate on the subject, and drew up some short notes.

eg. I wouldn't like to speculate on the reasons for her resignation.

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