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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.

The Lone Star Community College campus in Cypress, Texas is a crime scene this hour, following a stabbing attack that left 14 people wounded, two of them critically. Sheriff Adrian Garcia recounts the 911 call that sent various law enforcement officials racing to the Houston area school this morning.

"At 11:12 am, we received a call at our 911 call center. The call was described as male on the loose stabbing people. "

The suspect in custody is described as a white male student about 21 years old, Lone Star's Cy-Fair Campus is expected to resume normal operations tomorrow. The attack came three months after a shooting on another Lone Star campus where two people were wounded.
嫌疑人为一名约21岁的白人男性学生,目前已被拘捕。孤星社区内Cy-Fair Campus校区明天将恢复正常教学。三个月前,孤星社区的另一学院曾发生一起枪击案,造成两人受伤。

The fight for tighter gun control continues with vice President Joe Biden's meeting with a group of law enforcement officers at the White House today. NPR's Scott Horsley reports Biden urged the group to lobby reluctant lawmakers.

Vice President Biden says it's time for lawmakers to vote yea or nay on a series of gun control bills, including one that would require background checks for all future gun purchases. Some Republican senators are promising to block such a vote. Biden says he wishes those senators could have listened in when he met the families of children killed at Sandy Hook elementary school.

"People say what I am going to say to NRA, I got some questions for it. What are you going to say to those parents? Look them in the eye and tell them you concluded there's nothing you can do?"

Biden who led the administration's gun violence task force, insisted the proposed laws would not compromise second amendment rights. Scott Horsley, NPR News, the White House.

Alluding to possible military action on the peninsula North Korea is warning foreign companies and tourists to evacuate South Korea. But analysts say Pyongyang has issued similar threats in previous years, believing that the more North Korea's fear, the less likely it will be attacked.

The Syrian government is rejecting a UN probe into allegations of chemical weapons used in Syria. NPR's Susannah George reports the investigation was drafted after both the Syrian government and opposition forces treaded blame for an alleged chemical weapons attack last month.

The UN team poised to enter Syria this week, is now standing down , waiting in nearby Cyprus for word of the next move. The Syrian Foreign Ministry quoted by pro-government state TV, says it called off the probe after the UN asked for additional investigations and that constitutes a violation of Syrian sovereignty. There have been three alleged chemical weapons attacks in Aleppo, Damascus and Homs. The Syrian government only requested UN investigation into the Aleppo attack. Susannah George, NPR News, Beirut.

Before the closing bell, Dow was up 60 points.

You are listening to NPR News.

A new study says much of the money the federal government gives to needy college students through Pell grants is wasted. NPR's Claudio Sanchez reports an expert panel wants to overhaul the program.

A blue-ribbon panel convened by the college board wants the 48-year-old Pell Grant program to focus on students who actually stay in school and graduate, because right now, too many drop out. A new analysis shows that of the 9.4 million students who rely on Pell Grants averaging about $3,700 per award, only a fraction earn a bachelor's degree within six years. Too many aren't ready for college or they drop out because they have to work. Among all the recipients, 25 years and older, only 3% earn a degree. This age group now makes up nearly half of all Pell Grant recipients, most have been laid off. They get little or no guidance about what to study and they tend to enroll in schools with high dropout rates. Experts say this is wasteful. Claudio Sanchez, NPR News.

U.S. authorities are trying to get back two Florida boys a 4-year-old and 2-year-old, who were illegally wasted away to Cuba by their parents. Even though, they'd lost custody of the kids. The boys' maternal grandparents were granted permanent custody last week. The U.S. and Cuba have no extradition agreement. Washington is looking to Cuba for cooperation in a case drawing parallels to Elian Gonzalez case over a decade ago that thrust a 5-year-old into an international custody battle.

Consumer demand appears to be stronger than wholesalers had anticipated. The Commerce Department says in February, wholesalers scaled back their stockpile 0.3%, while sales surged 1.7%.

This is NPR News.

1. allude to
eg. In your remarks you allude to certain sinister development.

eg. I didn't allude to anything or anybody.

eg. Many passages in Scripture allude to this concept .

2. the more...the less
表示“越……越不……”;文中的the more...the less用的是the more...the more这一句型表示“越……就越……”;
eg. The more she flatters me, the less I like her.

eg. The higher the ground is, the thinner air becomes.

eg. The longer the war lasts, the more the people there will suffer.

3. stand down
eg. I recommended that Schlesinger stand down the alert starting at midnight.

eg. Four days later, the despised leader finally stood down, just 17 days after taking office...
4天后,这位遭到鄙视的领导人终于下台了,离他就职只有 17 天。

eg. Profits plunged and he stood down as chairman last January.
因利润骤降,他作为董事长于去年 1 月辞职了。

4. convene
eg. Last August he convened a meeting of his closest advisers at Camp David...

eg. Senior officials convened in October 1991 in London.

eg. The chairman may convene interim board meetings on motion of one - third or more of the directors.
经 三分之一 以上董事提议,可由董事长召开董事会临时会议。

5. look to
eg. The difficulties women encounter with their doctors partly explain why so many of us are looking to alternative therapies.

eg. He confided his personal documents to his lawyer.

eg. Looking to the future, though, we asked him what the prospects are for a vaccine to prevent infection in the first place.

6. thrust
vt.& vi.猛推;逼迫;强行推入;延伸
eg. She grabs a stack of baby photos and thrusts them into my hands.

eg. The obligation was thrust on him.

eg. He thrust aside all precautionary advice.


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