NPR英语新闻:意大利新政府在枪声中就职 美加州山火肆虐(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston.

Rescue crews who've been trying to reach survivors still trapped in the wreckage of a collapsed garment factory in Bangladesh are facing new challenges. A fire broke out at the site when rescuers set off sparks says they try to cut through a steel rod to reach a woman. At least three workers have been injured. More than 370 people are dead.

Italy's new coalition government has been sworn in two months after an inconclusive general election. The ceremony was marred however by a gun man as the inauguration was taking place. The BBC's Bethany Bell reports two police officers were shot and wounded outside the prime minister's office.

Italian police have told the BBC it isn't clear if there is any connection between the shootings and the swearing in of the new government. The incident took place some distance across town, from where the swear in ceremony was taking place. Police have arrested a man who they say may have mental problems. It's a somber start Italy's new government. The new Prime Minister Enrico Letta from the center-left, has formed an awkward political alliance, with Silvio Berlusconi center-right party. Mr. Berlusconi isn't part of the new cabinet, but one of his closest allies is deputy prime minister.

The BBC's Bethany Bell.

Southern California is struggling with an earlier arrival of the wild fire season which usually begins in August after a long hot summer. As Danielle Karson reports, the dry conditions have kept fire fighters busy responding to almost 700 wild fires so far this year.

Los Angeles has seen just over five inches of rain so far this year, normally it's 14. That's left normally green hill sites brown and turn to dry. William Patzert, a climatologist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, says the combination of dry heat and strong winds, create the ideal conditions for wild fires.

"When the situation is so in sandy area as we see it today, and we get a nice strong sun at there for a few days or as long as a week then we're in deep trouble."

Humans cause most wild fires which means they're preventable. So officials urge people to make sure their camp fires, or cigarettes are fully extinguished . Meanwhile forecasters say it's unlikely southern California will get much rain before the fall. For NPR News, I'm Danielle Karson in Los Angeles.

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says he believes the Boston Marathon bombing suspects had some training in carrying out the attack. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, representative Mike McCaul says it's too soon to rule out foreign terrorist links.

"Right out of the box, U.S. officials anonymously are saying there's no foreign connection to this case when in fact the FBI just began its investigation."

Officials say homemade bombs built from pressure cookers had been used by militants in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

This is NPR News.

Dozens of air shows that bringing millions of dollars for local communities are being cancelled this year. And military has grounded its jet teams because of the automatic federal spending cuts implemented this spring. The U.S. navy's Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Forces' Thunder Birds have cancelled their seasons along with the U.S. army parachute team. The arm services have also grounded smaller demonstration teams and won't provide ground displace for more shows.

On Monday, new episodes of All My Children, and One Life to Live will be available online. The two legendary soap operas aired for more than four decades on broadcast TV until they were cancelled two years ago, now they will be on Hulu and iTunes. As NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports.

Turns out there is more than One Life to Live when your daytime drama.

"...am I just a good father ?"

New episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children will now be produced by a company that took a big risk reviving them as web only series. The question is whether the millions of older viewers who watched them when they were on broadcast TV will find them on Hulu or iTunes.
出品《只此一生》及《我的孩子们》的公司只在网站上更新剧集承担了极大的风险。问题是在数百万在电视上观看这两部剧集的年长观众是否会在Hulu 和iTunes网站上继续观看。

"How could you even ask me a question like that?"

Elizabeth Blair NPR News.

Regaining 20 million dollars in its debut , Pain and Gain, lands the top spot at the box office this weekend. But Iron Man III, is looking to knock a door next week. The super hero sequel starring Robert Downey Junior, opens Friday, but it had started overseas. It's already earned more than $195 million in 42 overseas markets.

I'm Windsor Johnston, NPR NEws, Washington.


1. coalition
eg. Since June the country has had a coalition government.
eg. It took five months for the coalition to agree on and publish a medium-term economic programme.
eg. He had been opposed by a coalition of about 50 civil rights, women's and Latino organizations.

2. mar
eg. A number of problems marred the smooth running of this event.
eg. That election was marred by massive cheating.
eg. One scabbed sheep will mar a whole flock.

3. extinguish
vt. 熄灭(火);消除;使破灭;偿清
eg. It took about 50 minutes to extinguish the fire.
eg. The lights are extinguished as soon as the news conference is over.
eg. The message extinguished her hopes of Richard's return.

4. rule out
eg. The Prime Minister is believed to have ruled out cuts in child benefit or pensions.
eg. Local detectives have ruled out foul play.
eg. A serious car accident in 1986 ruled out a permanent future for him in farming.

5. debut
eg. Dundee United's Dave Bowman makes his international debut.
eg. Her new series will debut next March on network television.
eg. Her debut album has generated four No. 1 songs.

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