NPR英语新闻:美国近四成家庭由女性支撑 叙利亚决议通过(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Craig Windham.

Bank earnings in the US are on the rise as the industry rebounds from the financial crisis five years ago. The federal deposit insurance cooperation says banks earned just over 40 billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. Banks impart to fewer losses from bad loans. That's more than an any quarter on record.

A new report finds that mothers are now the main bread winners in nearly 40% of families with children in the US. But NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports the American public has mixed feelings about the increase in the number of single moms and mothers who earn more than their husbands.

The Pew Research center finds that share of bread winning moms has quadruple since 1960. Women are now nearly half the workforce, 2/3 of married mothers work, and yet, most Americans tell Pew this is making it harder to raise children and harder for marriages to succeed. Half of Americans say it's better for children if their mother is home, though just 8% say the same about fathers. The Pew study finds most bread winning mothers are single, unlike in the past, a growing share of them have never been married. Jennifer Ludden NPR News, Washington.

Pakistani security official say the No.2 commander of Pakistani Taliban has been killed by a US drone air strike. He was wanted for the killings of seven CIA employees and in an attack on a US base in Afghanistan. White House press secretary Jay Carney would not confirm this particular attack but he says such actions will go on.

"We will continue to take strikes against high value Al Qarda targets, but also against forces that are massing to support attacks on coalition forces."

The newly elected prime minister of Pakistan wants the US to stop drone attacks in his country.

The UN human rights council has voted to call on Syria to halt attacks on civilians in the town near the border with Lebanon. NPR's Michele Kelemen reports the UN's top human rights official is urging the international community to do much more to halt the violence against Syrian civilians.

Before the 36 : 1 vote, the UN's high commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay described the conflict in Syria as a colossal failure by the international community to protect civilians.

"The conflict in Syria is being out of control, immediate action to stop further blood shed and suffering is needed."

She's urging countries not to supply more weapons to the warring sides. Russia, which is sending advanced missiles to Syria, denounced the resolution as odious. It's saying that undermines plans for a peace conference. US official say the resolution they co-sponsored was appropriate and shouldn't detract from efforts to get both sides to the negotiating table in Geneva. Michele Kelemen NPR News, Washington.
 teenage from suburban Chicago has pleaded not guilty to charges that he tried to join an Al Qaeda-linked militant group that's fighting the regime of Syria's president.

Just before the close on Wall Street, the Dow was down 87 points.

This is NPR News from Washington.

Facebook has announced plans to better deal with hit hateful pages and posts on the site. NPR's Neda Ulaby reports the social networking giant has come under pressure from groups warning it to ban pages that promote hatred of women.

In online community, that has over a billion users is bound to have some dark corners in ugly areas. On Facebook, there are pages that make a kind of victims of rape, and mocked mistaken abuse. A coalition of feminine groups petitioned Facebook to remove such pages. Hundreds of thousands of people signed on. The groups also convinced more than a dozen advertisers to stop doing businesses with Facebook. Facebook responded by agreeing. The captain said its systems for identifying and removing hate speech have none benefactive. In the past, Facebook has worked with Muslim, Jewish and gay groups to monitor hate speech while protecting freedom expression. It says none plans so do the same with the woman's coalition. Neda Ulaby NPR News.

An Oregon teenage's been praised for tipping off police about a high school classmate who police say was planning to detonate bombs at the school. Trueman Templeton, tells KATU TV, he hopes the attention he's getting will encourage other teenagers to follow suit.

"It's pretty overwhelming by my hopes people will follow my lead, you know, be more open about this kind of suffering reported sonner."

Templeton says he became worried when classmate Grant Acord, brought a bomb making book in a copy of the NRK's cook book to school. The 17-year-old Acord, has been charged as an adult with 19 criminal counts after police say they found half a dozen homemade bombs hid in his bedroom. Acord's mother says he's a rare form of a mental illness triggered by a strep infection.

I'm Craig Windham, NPR News in Washington.


1. bread winner
eg. I've always paid the bills and been the breadwinner.
eg. Hero is a normal human, just like breadwinner.
英雄平时就是个普通人, 一样得养家活口。

2. detract from
eg. The publicity could detract from our election campaign.
eg. Do what excites you in this moment, but be sure it won't detract from what really matters to you in life.
eg. His bad manners detract from his good character.

3. be bound to
必然; 必定
eg. His comments were bound to attract criticism.
eg. There are bound to be sacrifices that we must make in life for the future.
eg. These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications.

4. petition
eg. I can petition for Junie's custody.
eg. All the attempts to petition the Congress had failed.
Twenty-five of his supporters petitioned him to restore the monarchy.

5. tip off
eg. Greg tipped police off on his car phone about a suspect drunk driver.
eg. He was arrested two days later after a friend tipped off the FBI.
eg. Acting on a tip off , the police arrested the drug smugglers.

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