NPR英语新闻:白宫开精神健康会议 美努力阻止叙利亚瓦解(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.

The US supreme court is narrowly upholding a Maryland law saying police can take DNA from people they arrested for serious crimes. The 5:4 ruling deal is a blow to privacy rights advocates. While as NPR's Nina Totenberg reports it's a significant win for law enforcement.

Law enforcement will be ecstatic about this ruling. It affirms a practice that has been growing in many states and had been in legal question with lots of courts reaching different conclusions. The question being, can you take the DNA of some body who's been arrested but not yet convicted, and then use that DNA, feed it into a database, and see if it, and if it comes up as matching a previous other crime, that, use that DNA to lead to another prosecutions.

NPR's Nina Totenberg.

New researches out on breast cancer and specifically on how African American women are affected. It says black women appeared to be more likely than had been thought to have genetic flaws that increase their risk for breast cancer. The new data was released today during a meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago. NPR's Rob Stein has details.

Researchers analyse the gene of more than 200 breast cancer patients in Chicago. They found that 1/5 of the women had genetic flaws linked to breast cancer including the well known BRCA 1 and 2 genes. The defects were especially common among those who had aggressive form of breast cancer known as triple negative breast cancer. The findings could help find why black women tend to be more likely to get breast cancer when they are younger and it could help explain why they tend to be less likely to survive after being diagnosed. Scientists say the findings suggest black women should be encouraged more to undergo screening for breast cancer genes. Rob Stein NPR News.
研究人员分析了芝加哥200余名乳腺癌患者的基因。他们发现,五分之一的女性都有与乳腺癌相关的基因缺陷,其中就包括著名的BRCA 1和BRCA2基因。这种缺陷在那些患有恶性乳腺癌,即三阴性乳腺癌患者身上极其普遍。研究结果有助于找出为什么黑人女性更容易在年轻时患乳腺癌,也有助于解释为什么她们在诊断后难以存活的原因。科学家表示,研究结果表明,应更多的鼓励黑人女性接受乳腺癌基因的检查。NPR新闻,罗布·斯坦报道。

President Obama says it's time to bring the issue of mental illness out of the shadows. To that end the White House's hosting the conference on mental health, part of a broader response to the New Town school shootings five months ago. That also includes proposals for tighter gun controls.

One of the nation's most prominent supporters of gun control, New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg has died at the age of 89. His colleagues say the democrat left his mark over the spend of nearly 30 years in the senate as a driving force behind laws that bar people from smoking on US airline flights or from drinking alcohol if they are under 21. Here senate majority leader Harry Reid.

"Few people in history pay these social tributes much to our nation, and to United States' senate, as Frank Lautenberg."

Lautenberg was the senate's last surviving veteran of World War II, he also co-founded the payroll services company, automatic data processing, or ADP.

You are listening to NPR News.

Secretary of state John Kerry says the goal of a still unscheduled peace conference on Syria is to prevent the total collapse of the country. He calls it a difficult process. NPR's Michele Kelemen has more.

Kerry had been hoping to bring together Syria's warring factions last month then diplomats are still struggling to get everyone to the table in Geneva to set up a transnational government for Syria. The secretary says the US is coming to this late.

"We are trying to prevent the sectarian violence from dragging Syria down into a complete and total implosion, while it has broken up into enclaves and institutions of the state have been destroyed."

Kerry says he thinks Russia's foreign minister is still committed to holding the conference, but add said Moscow's arms deals with Bashar al-Assad regime are putting this as a risk. Michele Kelemen NPR News Washington.

Nine Afghan children and two international service members were killed today in a suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan. Authority say the attacker targeted a US delegation.

The waters have been rising in one southeastern German city to levels not seen in the area in 70 years. The downpours that inundated much of central Europe in recent days are causing rivers to overflow their banks and flood into Passau leaving much of the city impossible by foot. Floods in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic have claimed at least eight lives. Authority say nine people are still missing.

Before the closing bell, Dow was up 138 points at 15,254; NASDAQ up nine and the S&P 500 also up nine points.

I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News.


1. affirm
vt.& vi.断言,肯定;证实,确实;[法]不经宣誓而庄严宣布;承认
eg. Everything I had accomplished seemed to affirm that opinion.
eg. Scientists cannot affirm the existence of life on other planets.
eg. This report is positively denied in official circles, who affirm that nothing of the kind occurred, but that the story is made out of whole cloth.

2. flaw
n. 缺点,弱点;瑕疵;缺陷;错误;谬误
eg. The only flaw in his character seems to be a short temper.
eg. I can't find a flaw in his argument.
eg. Almost all of these studies have serious flaws.

3. to that end
eg. And now they are moving in the same direction. To that end we are very flattered.
eg. To that end we will devote our strength, our resources , and our firmness of resolve.
为此目的,我们将贡献出我们的力量 、 财力及坚定决心。

4. drag down
eg. There were fears he would be dragged down by the scandal.
eg. I have had really bad bouts of flu that have really dragged me down.
eg. A slump could drag down other sectors like steel production.

5. inundate
eg. Their neighborhood is being inundated by the rising waters of the Colorado River.
eg. The course changes frequently, and the area is so flat that a small change in the level of the river may inundate a considerable area.
eg. Her office was inundated with requests for tickets.

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