NPR英语新闻:美军性侵案频发致信任丧失 国税局再添新罪状(双语)

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.

The military's top brass is acknowledging that the rising number of sexual assault cases is ruining trust in the US forces. But as NPR's Larry Abramson reports rejecting congressional efforts to reduce the authority of commanders who had administered justice.

The senate armed services panel is dealing with at least seven different proposals. One in particular would take the decision to prosecute sexual assault and other major crimes away from the commander. But army chief of staff Raymond T. Odierno resisted that idea.

"I want the commander fully involved in the decisions that have impacted on the moral and cohesion of the unit to include punishment."

But Odierno admitted the growing number of sexual assaults has caused many troops to lose their trust in leadership and some senators said that loss of trust mean someone else needs to pursue sexual assault cases. Larry Abramson NPR News, Washington.

The IRS is coming under fire again in a new report released by the inspector general today reviews extravagant spending by the agency at a training conference in 2010, amounting to more than four million dollars. At the time when the administration was publicly calling for more belt tightening . The findings were released as the republican-led house considered the latest testimony on another IRS scandal, its treatment of conservative groups. They heard from the leaders of six of those organization. NPR's Tamara Keith has more on that.

"The group supplied for tax exempt status and then waited, and waited, some were required to answer questions about their members and donors and political activities. One group says the agency leaked confidential information about its donors to its chief opponents. Diane Belson, with the Laurens county Tea Party, she says she was overwhelmed by all the questions the IRS asked.

"Our group is a small-time operation with very little money and this represents a complete waste of time by the IRS and in terms of any money they would collect if we were not tax exempt."

She's still waiting to hear back whether her group's application for tax exempt status, the social welfare organization has been accepted. Tamara Keith NPR News, the Capitol.

New Jersey voters will have a chance to decide this fall who should fill the US senate seat left vacant with democrat Frank Lautenberg's death yesterday. Governor Chris Christie says the special election would be held this October but he isn't yet to say who fill that post until then.

I've yet to make the determination as to who, I will appoint to hold this seat between now and the results of the October 16th's special election, by when I determine who that person is. I will make that announcement prompted.

Lautenberg died yesterday of complications of viral pneumonia. He was 89 years old.

At last check on Wall Street, Dow Jones Industrial Average down 77 points at 15,177.

From Washington, this is NPR News.

Germany's deploying thousands of troops to areas hit hardest by one of the worst floods to strike the country years, the deluge has killed 12 people across central Europe. In Germany's Saxony state about 10,000 people have been evacuated.

Drug wars played in Latin America were expected to take under stage at the Organization of American States General Assembly. During a three-day session in Guantanamo, some Latin American nations were expected to call on the US government to start looking at alternative approaches to its drug war strategy. In previous visits, president Obama has said that US shares responsibility in tackling drug related border violence. Secretary of state Kerry was expected to attend the conference.

New research finds that couples who meet online are slightly less likely to break up than those who meet in traditional ways. NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports.

The study looked at 19,000 couples married between 2005 and 2012. It's published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and finds that online matches also have greater marital satisfaction. The authors note that people who meet online rather than in person disclose more of themselves which may lead to a deeper bond, or they suggest online datas could be more selective or somehow more motivated to marry. They say longer term study is needed. But they called the results encouraging for the third of American marriages that now started out online. Jennifer Ludden NPR News.

US markets appeared earlier losses with the Dow off 76 points at last glance at 15,178.

I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News Washington.


1. come under fire
eg. The above theory has come under fire from a variety of directions.
eg. Corporations have also come under fire their supposed stinginess.
eg. As the skinny trend persisted, fashion designers and modeling agencies came under fire for allegedly promoting an emaciated aesthetic.

2. belt tightening
eg. For some families, the belt-tightening is about survival.
eg. The shut-down has been forced by belt-tightening across the sector as corporate and individual customers cut back on spending.
eg. Most of us have survived a recession, so we're familiar with the belt-tightening strategies needed to survive a slump.

3. small-time
adj. 没有分量的;不重要的;不入流的;小本经营的
eg. We have a small-time family farm, but we love the lifestyle.
eg. He went from being a small - time hood to a mafia kingpin.
eg. Company installations were attacked by small - time terrorists.

4. in terms of
eg. In term of money, he's quite rich, but not in term of happiness.
eg. It is wrong to try to judge happiness in term of worldly success.
eg. The differences in the children's achievements were not wholly explicable in terms of their social backgrounds.

5. deluge
eg. About a dozen homes were damaged in the deluge. (n.)
eg. At least 150 people are believed to have died after two days of torrential rain deluged the capital. (vt.)
连续两天的滂沱大雨致使首都积水成灾,据信至少已有 150 人死亡。
eg. During 1933, Papen's office was deluged with complaints. (vt.)
1933 年间,大量的投诉信涌进了巴本的办公室。

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