NPR英语新闻:美棱镜门继续发酵 微软脸谱证实政府索要信息(双语)

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前一小时,土耳其警方突袭了聚满反政府示威者的城市公园。他们再次使用催泪瓦斯和高压水炮驱赶上百名示威民众。许多天之前土耳其爆发了示威活动,以抗议政府开发公园的计划。示威者Eski Kuchu Shanuk表示,持续进行的示威是有意义的。


From NPR News in Washington, I'm Korva Coleman.

Police in Turkey have stormed the city park filled with anti-government protesters in the past hour. They again used tear gas and water cannon to dislodge hundreds of people. The protest began many days ago in opposition to the government's plan to develop the park. And protester Eski Kuchu Shanuk says there is meaning behind the continuing protests.
前一小时,土耳其警方突袭了聚满反政府示威者的城市公园。他们再次使用催泪瓦斯和高压水炮驱赶上百名示威民众。许多天之前土耳其爆发了示威活动,以抗议政府开发公园的计划。示威者Eski Kuchu Shanuk表示,持续进行的示威是有意义的。

"This thing is not about against the government, it's about public businesses."

Turkey's president says he is now willing to let the park development case be handled by a judge, but he warned lingering protesters in the park they would be thrown out today by security forces if they did not leave.

Facebook and Microsoft are releasing limited information on data the companies have provided to the government. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports the firms have been negotiating with national security officials to reveal more details about the surveillance.

Facebook, Microsoft and Google have pressured the Obama administration to disclose how the web companies comply with national security orders. But the government is only allowing them to release aggregate numbers on all government inquiries, ranging from local missing person's probes to orders under the federal intelligence surveillance act. Facebook says it received between 9,000 and 10,000 requests in the last half of 2012, affecting between 18,000 and 19,000 Facebook users. For the same period, Microsoft says it received between 6,000 and 7,000 criminal and national security warrants, subpoenas and orders affecting between 31,000 and 32,000 accounts. Google says it's waiting to be able to reveal more meaningful information that singles out national security surveillance. Debbie Elliott, NPR News.

The family of an elderly Minneapolis man is disputing a report he commanded a Nazi-led unit that committed war crimes during World War II. As Matt Sepic of Minnesota Public Radio reports the allegations about the 94-year-old came to light in an Associated Press story published this week.

The AP says Michael Karkoc was a commander of the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion, while there are no documents linking him to specific war crimes. The report says the unit was known to have massacred civilians under direction of the SS. The story says Karkoc moved to the U.S. in 1949 after lying to immigration officials about his past, but in the statement, his son Andrij Karkoc calls the story defamatory.
据美联社报道,迈克尔·卡尔科克是乌克兰自卫团的高级军官,但并没有档案显示他与具体的战争罪行有联系。报告显示,该卫军在纳粹党卫军SS的指示下进行了屠杀平民的暴行。报道称卡尔科克于1949年向移民官员隐瞒了他的过去后移民美国,但是他的儿子Andrij Karkoc在声明中称这份报道是诽谤。

"It's allegation, heresay, implication, association or conjecture and notably lacking in proof or evidence."

The Simon Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish groups are asking the U.S. Justice Department to investigate. For NPR News, I'm Matt Sepic, in St. Paul.

A moderate candidate in Iran has won that country's presidential election. According to Iranian media Hassan Rouhani has cleared majority of the vote over more hardline candidates.

You are listening to NPR News from Washington.

Religious conservatives are in Washington for the meeting of the faith and freedom coalition. Speakers have included the Chairman of the Republic National Committee, Reince Priebus, he is asking religious conservatives to back new efforts by the GOP to expand their membership. He says it would help if GOP members did a better job of explaining their party's background.

"We don't tell our history anymore as a party, we've lost our history. We are the party of equality, freedom, opportunity, it's our party that has a rich history, but you wouldn't know it because we don't say it."

The Republic National Committee recently issued a report linking the future success of the party to more tolerate attitudes on social issues such as same sex marriage. Priebus didn't discuss this.

Attorneys are closer to seat a jury in the second degree murder trial of a former Neighborhood Watch volunteer who says he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Yesterday the judge asked jurors to come back Tuesday. As Amy Green of member station WMFE reports.

The potential jurors will face more questioning on issues like guns and race. Among the potential jurors is a black woman who disagrees Martin was targeted because of his race. And that a potential juror is a white woman who volunteers for a local arts festival and worries about negative publicity for Sanford. So amendment faces trial in Sanford. Attorneys will select six jurors and four alternates. They will be sequestered throughout the trial. For NPR News, I'm Amy Green, in Orlando.

A large group of Syrian military officers has defected to Turkey. There are seventy-one officers in the group including six generals. It's thought to be the largest mass desertion of senior troops from the Syrian government in several months.

This is NPR.


1. storm
eg. He stormed into an office, demanding to know where the head of department was.
eg. Government buildings have been stormed and looted.
eg. The refugees decided to storm the embassy.

2. single out
eg. The gunman had singled Debilly out and waited for him.
eg. His immediate superior has singled him out for a special mention.
eg. We wanted to single out the main threat to civilisation.

3. come to light
显露; 出现; 为众人所知;真相大白
eg. It has come to light that he was lying.
eg. The conspiracy did not come to light until a newspaper reporter noticed.
eg. Truth will come to light sooner or later.

4. sequester
eg. Everything he owned was sequestered.
eg. This jury is expected to be sequestered for at least two months.
eg. Hensarling says the FED strategy creates considerable risk, Bernanke was asked about the looming spending cuts known as the sequester.

5. desertion
eg. He was court-martialled for desertion.
eg. The soldier was shot for desertion.
eg. Desertion is a ground for divorce.

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