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 As the saying goes:It's not the size that counts,It's how you use it,But does this long  standing phrase ring true in the hugely debated topic of penis size?

有句话说:尺寸并不重要 方法才是关键,但这句话能用在当今热议的铅笔尺寸吗?

Does you member actually make a difference in attractiveness or ability to pleasure your partner?Interestingly,humans have the largest penis of any primate,both in absolute size and relative to body proportion.So you can be pround of that.

你的小伙伴真的会改变自己的魅力或者取悦另一半的能力吗?有趣的是 人类的铅笔是灵长类中最大的,无论是绝对尺寸还是同身体的比例,那么 我有大屌我自豪。

Throughout evolutionary history,female's likely developed an interest and preference for penis shape and size,much like how female peacocks have a preference for a male with stunning feathers.

在进化过程中 女性可能进化出了一种对铅笔形状尺寸的偏好,这一点 同雌孔雀更喜欢羽毛艳丽的雄孔雀一样。

As a result,they choose mates with larger penises,ultimately passing on those genes.This is known is sexual selection.It may also have been an advantage for males.as a longer penis's more efficient at removing the sperm of rival males during intercourse.The longer your depth of trust.the better semen displacement ensuring your genes get passed on.

因此,她们选择的对象铅笔更大 最终延续了此类基因,这就是性选择,对于雄性而言 这也是优点,在交配过程中 较长的铅笔能更有效地清除竞争对手的精子,插得越深,射得越远 基因传播越有保障。

One particular study found that some women experience more frequent vaginal orgasms with longer penises,suggesting that it maybe able to stimulate the entire length of the vagina and the cervix.


However it's important to know that women experience different types of orgasms,In fact vaginal and clitoral orgasms may be completely separate phenomenon,They use different nerves and even stinulates different areas of the brain,Even the coveted G-Spot another sexually sensitive area in women is located only 1/3 of the way into the vagina.

不过 要注意女性会经历多种高潮,其实 隧道高潮和阴蒂高潮可能完全是两码事,不同神经参与其中 大脑受刺激的区域也不同,即合是G点,女性另一个性敏感区域也只是在阴道入口的1/3处。

Apart from this,many surveys of women have found that they are not nearly as concerned the size as men might think and preferences varied.

险些之外 很多对女性的调查发现她们远不及男性想象的那样在意铅笔尺寸 倾向也有所不同。

However,studies on homosexualmen have shown that they regard a larger penis as ideal.


Another study is 2013 actually found that flaccid penis size may also be a major factor in male attractiveness,Even before sexual contact,Which may seem odd,considering we wear clothes nowadays.

另一项2013年的研究发现松弛铅笔长度也是男性的魅力的主要决定因素之一,甚至在性接触之前,听上去不太科学 因为我们今天都藏着鸡鸡。

But for our ancestors the genitals would have been visible,In the study,women were asked to rank the attractiveness of males,based on computer generated images reflecting different body types and penis sizes.

但祖先们却在坦着蛋蛋,研究中 参与女性被要求为男性的吸引力打分,基于计算机生成的 反映不同体型 不同铅笔尺寸的图像。

From this,it was cleare that not only were taller and more fit men more desirable,but flaccid penis size played a role in their perceived attractiveness,too.

由此看来 不是身高高 体型好的男人更受青睐,松弛铅笔的尺寸也决定着他们的吸引力。

The larger the penis,the higher they were rated,But,there was a limit,A flaccid penis larger than about 7.6cm,and the attractiveness began to deminish,It would seem a penis in proportion maybe most desirable.

铅笔越长 得分越高,不过 这也有极限,松弛铅笔长度超过7.6厘米后 其吸引力会逐渐消失,也许 更成比例的铅笔更迷人。

After all,over exaggerated traits,even those related to attractiveness can often be a sign of problems.

总之 太过分的特征 即使是那些同吸引力相关的 也是个问题。

And it turns out that the person attached to the penis makes a difference,too.With almost all studies showing confidence,enjoyable personality and attraction being the best predictor of sexual satisfaction.

另外 举着铅笔的人不同 其结论也不同,近乎所有研究都表明 自信 性格乐观和吸引力才是性满足的最佳评判标准。

UItimately,while science does seems to matter in some ways,bigger isn't always better.Just be glad you don't have a beanweevil's penis.

所以 尽管科学在某些方面予以肯定,但长铅笔不总是好铅笔,很高兴你的铅笔和豆象甲不同。

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