英语煎蛋小学堂视频百科16:擦手纸 VS 烘手机,哪个更卫生(MP3+中英双语)

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英语视频:煎蛋小学堂16:擦手纸 VS 烘手机,哪个更卫生,以幽默诙谐的方式为你解答那些那些你意想不到的科学小知识,含有中英双语字幕视频,mp3下载。

With 80% of infectious dieases spread by our hands,it's clear that washing them is important.


But,when it comes to your hygiene and cleanliness,which method of drying is best? Using a classic paper towel,or the hand dryer?

不过 哪种干手方式更清洁卫生呢?是传统卫生纸还是烘手机?

Well,you'll be happy to know that if you wash your hands properly with soap,nearly all traces of bacteria will be removed,regardless of how dry them.But it's when you don't wash properly,or even worse,only wash with water,that how you dry your hands can make all the difference.

首先 你会很高兴地发现 如果用肥皂正确地洗手,不论怎么烘干 手上绝大多数细菌都会被除去,不过 如果洗手方式不正确 甚至只用水洗,那么干手的方式就至关重要了。

After all,the spread of bacteria is more lilely to occur with wet skin and rubbing your wet hands on your clothes or touching the bathroom door,can often contaminate them even more.

毕竟 细菌更容易在湿润的皮肤上传播,用湿手蹭衣服或者碰卫生间的门,常会让手更脏。

It turns out,after multiple studies were analyzed and compared,paper towels came out victorious,Why?A lot of it has to do with timing.The average air dryer requires nearly 45 seconds to reduce hand moisture by 97%.whereas paper towel users achieve the same thing in around only 10 seconds.


But after reviewing people's behaviour,studies showed that most individuals spent only 22 seconds with an air dryer,leaving their hands less than 70% dry.

不过 在观察公众的行为后 研究表明大多数人使用烘手机的时间只有22秒,手的干燥程度则低于70%。

Paper towel users,on the other hand,could achieve more than 85% dryness with only 5 seconds.Friction also plays a key role in the removal of bacteria,with much of it being transferred right on to the paper towel.Conversely,some studies have shown that hand dryers may actually emit bacteria in their flow,because of the contaminated air from the bathroom.

另一方面 卫生纸,可以在5秒内达到85%的干燥程度,表面摩擦对除菌也起着关键作用,大多细菌都因此被蹭到卫生纸上,相反 有研究显示,烘手机的气流中反而带有细菌,因为卫生间内的空气有细菌。

Having said that,air drying your hands can be effective if done thoroughly.And truthfully you don't always an option!Though some dryers are much better than others,just make sure you dry them fully and it shouldn't be a major problem.

话虽如此 如果烘干彻底 烘手机也一样有用,并且 你也没有别的选择!尽管某些烘手机更高级 但你只要把手完全烘干就没什么问题。

What about the environment ,you ask? Without a doubt,new dryers are the environmentally friendly option.Not only because they prevent deforestation,but they actually use less energy,and have a lower carbon emission once everything is taken into account.After all,13 billion pounds of paper towel are used every year in America alone,and that's their major pitfall.

那么 环保方面呢?毫无疑问 烘手机对环境更有利,它不仅能防止森林砍伐 使用的能源更少,考虑到前后因素 其二氧化碳排放量也更低。毕竟美国一年就能消耗130亿磅(59亿千克)的卫生纸,这就是它主要的缺点。

So if you're going to use paper towel,here's a quick tip that only requires one piece,as suggested by advocate Joe Smith.After washing your hands,shake them hard 12 time,then fold the piece of paper in half,and wipe like so,This is the optimal arrangement to dry with the least amount of paper.

所以 如果你想用卫生纸 教你一个一张纸擦手的方法,由Joe Smith提倡,洗手后 狠狠地甩12次,之后把纸对折 像这样挥手,这是最省纸的挥手方法。

Again,shake your hands 12 times...fold,and dry.Now you have clean dry hands,with minimal wastel

再说一次 把手甩12次 对折 擦干,现在 你已经用最少消耗的方式把手擦干净了。

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