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Poop,most of us don't give a second thought to where it ends up after flushing.But what if I told you that the very poop could be making a way back into your house without you ever noticing.For those unfamiliar.

说到便便 绝大多数人不会再想想 当它被冲到下水道后了结在何处。但是如果我告诉你 这泼便便会在你 不曾留意时 回到你的房子里呢。致那些不知便便的。

Once your food has been chewed,swallowed,chmically and pyhsically broken down,and the useful nutrients have been absorbed into your body,the rest is gracefully discarded as waste,This waste,then gets combined with the mixture of urine,rain,shower sink and other household waters into your local sewage system,which,surprisingly contains mostly water and relatively little feces.like a big o bowl of soup with very few vegetables.

当你口中的食物被咀嚼 吞咽 并从物理和化学上分解,有用的营养物质被吸收进你的身体之后,剩下的食物就被华丽丽地抛弃 成为排泄物。这些排泄物 和尿液 雨水 洗澡水 以及其他家用污水的混合物结合在一起 进入当地的下水道系统,令人惊讶的是 下水系统中大多是水 粪便相对较少,就像一大碗汤中的几片菜叶一样。

After passing through potentially miles of pipes,the soup reaches sewage treatment plant and it's initially screened and scammed to separate out things like sand,grait and pebbles.More importantly,this is where that cellphone you accidentally drop down the toilet get caught,along with condoms,garbages and other stuff you thought would be a good idea to toss down the drain.

再穿过可能有好几英里的管道后,这碗“汤”到达污水处理厂 开始被初步筛选和扫描 以分离出沙子 细沙 卵石等东西。更重要的是 这就是被你不小心 掉到马桶中的手机被拦住地地方,同时还有安全套 垃圾以及其他 在你看来应该被扔到下水道冲走的东西。

Which,by the way,wasn't a good idea,For every piece of trash or item you throw down the toilet,the more likely there will be a blockage in the system,which has to be removed-by hand,and no one wants that,The pebbles and grait,on the other hand,are dried,cleaned and reused to things like construction.Perhaps contributing to the creation of your ivory throne.The remaining could be mixture is then left still in the giant tank.and thanks to the fundamental properties of both of and grease as non-polar substances,which don't mix with water,it's relatively easy to skim them off.

顺带说一句 才不应该这么做呢。你向马桶中扔进的每一块垃圾,都会使下水系统堵塞的可能性增大一些,而要排除堵塞就得用手 没人想干这活。另一方面 卵石和沙子被烘干 清洁 并重新利用在建设房屋等方面。它也可能成为你家白色宝座的一部分。剩下可能的混合物被放在巨大水缸中静置。正由于一个基本属性 油类和脂类都 是非极性物质 即油和脂都不溶于水,因此撇去它们还比较简单。

Still,you really shouldn't be pulling it down the drain,as it can clog pipes and overwhelm the intricate system,What's left now is some sludge and a smelly liqued that looks like chocolate milk,Chocolate milk,and what's it taste like to the millions of bacteria which are set loose to feast on this mixture.They literally eat the pathogens out of the liquid.Most of these bacteria are aerobic,meaning that they require oxygen to function,just like humans.So the tank is pumped full of oxygen.This water is then disinfected and reintroduced to back into the environment.

不过 你也不应该把它们冲到下水道里,它们会阻塞管道 让复杂的下水系统鸭梨山大。剩下的就是一些烂泥和看上去像巧克力奶一样奇“香”的物质。 巧克力奶 对上百万的细菌来说就是这个味道 它们被放任去享受这顿混合物的大餐。字面上说 它们吃进液体中的病原体。它们大多数都是嗜氧菌 这意味着它们需要氧气 来活动 这和人类一样。因此水缸中被注满了氧气。之后 这些水被消毒并重新输送到外界。

The remaining sludge,on the other hand,containing mostly solid waste matter go through a final treatment with another set of bacteria.These bacteria produce a variety of bi-products including methane gas,which in turn is used to power the sewage treatment plant.So your poop powers the plant that processes your poop.

另一方面 剩下的烂泥中大部分都是固体废物 它们通过另一些细菌作最终处理。这些细菌会产生一系列的副产物 包括甲烷,而甲烷则被用来为污水处理厂提供电能。所以你的便便驱动着处理你便便的工厂。

After eating everything,the bacteria die and create something know as bio-solid.After all are said and done,the remaining nutrient reaches feces and bio-solid and can be used to make compost to enrich dry land, or used as fertilizers which ultimately help grow vegetation.Vegetation which makes its way into your house and ultimately into your mouth.

在吃净一切后 细菌会死去并产生俗称为“生物固体”的东西。当先前所述的完成后 剩下的营养物质进入粪便和生物固体中 它们可被用来制作堆肥以使干燥土壤肥沃,或者用作肥料 最终被用来帮助蔬菜生长。蔬菜走进你的家门 最终进入到你的口中。

And so begins the cycle of poop all over again.


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