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Food is a favourite pastime for many.which is convenient because we need it to live.But what would happen to you and your body.if you were to completely stop eating food,right now? In the first 6 hours,all is fairly normal.Your body begins to break down glycogen-which stores energy in your body into glucose,which your cells use as fuel.

对许多人而言吃东西是极棒的消遣,一举两得 因为我们得吃东西才能活下去。如果立刻断食 身体会发生什么变化呢?期初的6小时里 一切都很正常。身体开始分解糖分 糖是体内能量的存储物 它被分解成细胞所需的燃料——葡萄糖。

Around 25% of energy generated this way is used for your brain alone,while the rest goes to muscle tissues and red blood cells.But after about 6 hours this method of energy production halts as the glycogen stores deplete,which can lead to the notorious hangry" or hungry and angry feeling that many of us know too well.

通过这个方式产生的能量中约25%是属于大脑的,其他的则被肌肉组织和红细胞所利用。但是在约6小时后 由于存储的糖分耗尽 这种能量产生方式中断了,这会导致我们所熟知的“饿怒症” 或饥饿和生气的感觉。

At this point [6-72 hours]your body enters a state called ketosis as it begins to fast or starve.Because there is very glucose in your blood,your body must begin to break down fat for energy.This fat is in turn broken down into fatty acids.However,your brain cannot use long chain fatty acids which...is a problem!Because there is no more glucose and the fats are too large to cross the blood-brain barrier,your brain changes modes and begins to use ketone bodies for energy.

在开始禁食或挨饿后的6到72小时里 身体开始进入酮病状态。由于血液中葡萄糖的含量很低,身体为了产生能量 开始分解脂肪。脂肪被分解成脂肪酸。然而 大脑无法利用长链脂肪酸..这很严重!因为已经没有葡萄糖了 而脂肪又太大无法穿过血脑屏障 于是大脑改变模式 开始用酮类产生能量。

Which are short chain derivatives of fatty acids.this works for the tiem being,but ultimately only 75% of the brain's energy requirements can come from ketones
it still needs glucose!Which means your cognitive functioning becomes impaired.Now,it's important to mention that you don't have to be starving to be in ketosis.

这是脂肪酸产生的一种短链生物。这暂时管用。 但大脑只能从酮类那得到所需能量的75% 它还是需要葡萄糖!这意味着你的认知功能开始受损。值得一提的是 并非挨饿才会的酮病。
许多人会因为低碳水化合物饮食,或专业运动员长时间消耗碳水化合物之后也会进入这种状态 如马拉松运动者 就会如此。然而一旦超过72小时 不仅情绪和能量耗尽,大脑还会开始分解身体里的蛋白质。蛋白质释放出的氨基酸可以转变为葡萄糖 这对大脑而言是件好事,但对身体而言则不然。

Many people enter this phase if they are on a low-carb diet,or professional athletes who use all their carbs for an extended period of time-like marathon runners-will be in this state as well.However,beyond 72 hours,not only will your mood and energy suffer,but your brain will start to break down protein.The proteins release amino acids which can be converted into glucose-which is great news for your brain,but bad news for your body.

身体在破坏肌肉来维持运转。对于女性而言 营养不足时 为了减少能量消耗 往往会停止月经周期。骨密度降低,则男女都会失去性欲。几周内,由于缺少维生素和矿物质身体的免于系统会变得无比虚弱,随便生个病就会挂了。

Basically,you're body is cannibalizing itself by destroying your muscle mass.In women,undernutrition often shuts down the menstrual cycle as the body tries to reduce energy expenditure.Bone density diminishes,and both men and women may experience loss of libido.Within a few weeks,the body's immune system will be so weakened without any vitamins or minerals,that many will die from disease.

此外 身体会继续利用一切能量来源 直到耗光所有的葡萄糖,脂肪,组织和肌肉 最可能的死因就是由于心脏,隔膜和身体组织退化,而造成的心律失常或心脏病。很多厌食症患者就是这么死的。当然身体还经历了器官衰竭的过程。

Otherwise,it will continue to use up all energy sources until there is no glucose,fat,tissue,or muscle mass left.One of the more common causes of death is cardiac arrhythmia or heart attack,due to the tissue degradation in the heart,diaphragm and body.This is fairly common in those suffering from anorexia.Of course,the body experiences severe organ failure all around.

大约饿上三周 就会造成死亡,有资料显示1981年爱尔兰的饥饿罢工中最长记录是饿70天。能熬多久 由你的含水程度 以及身体里的脂肪储量所决定。

Starvation can lead to death in as short as three weeks,or up to 70 days as documented during the Irish Hunger Strikes in 1981.Though the duration of survival is greatly influenced by how hydrated you are and the amount of fat reserves your body has.

从另一方面来说 这很神奇 身体在没有食物的情况下居然能维持这么久。世界上大约有7.95亿人目前处于食不果腹的状态。好在7大最富国承诺在2030年前 将5亿人从饥饿和营养不良中解救出来 但我们需要监督他们尽到责任。

Which in some ways is incredible-that the body can sustain for so long with no food.And yet,approximately 795 million people around the world have to deal with this reality.The good news is that the 7 richest countries have pledged to lift 500 million people out of hunger and malnutrition by 2030- but we need to hold them accountable.

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