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Good morning body! Time for another day.Your alarm goes off,you hit the snooze button and lay there for few minutes between the land of wake and sleep known as the hypnopompic state.When you do finally get up,you're groggy and disoriented thanks to sleep inertia.Most of it is shed in 10 minutes,but can sometimes linger for a few hours.

早上好,身体!又是新的一天。闹钟响了,你伸手按下了贪睡键多躺几分钟 陷入介于清醒和沉睡之间的半醒状态。当你终于挣扎起身时,由于睡眠惯性你感到全身无力.人质紊乱。基本上10分钟内就能摆脱这状态,偶尔也有延续数小时的情况。

During this time your body temperature is still low,but your blood pressure is sharply rising.There's a 50% increase in the stress hormone cortisol pumping through your bloodstream,in preparation for the stresses of you day!Time for a shower!It's also the best time to shave as clot forming platelets are most abundant right now,making your blood more sticky.

这段时间里 你的体温偏低,但血压骤什。血液中的应激激素皮质醇含量会增加50%。为你熬过这一天的压力做准备!淋浴时间!此时也是刮毛的最好时机 由于促成凝血的血小板含量最高 因此此时血液最为粘稠。

Meaning less bleeding from cuts!But it's also the time of day when heart attacks most often occur.7:30 swings around and it is time for coffee and breakfast.Enjoy the smell before sipping!75% of how we enjoy flavour is not through the tongue,but through smell!The vapours pass through your mouth,around the soft palate,into the nasal cavity and to the olfactory bulb.Mmm that's good!

也就是说这时刮出口子流血量最少!但这也是一天中心脏病最易发的时间。早上7:30左右 咖啡和早餐时间。啜饮前先享受下香味!我们享受的美味中 75%是来自于嗅觉 而非味觉!蒸汽穿过嘴巴 从软腭附近,进入鼻腔 抵达嗅球。唔~真棒!

Setting in at work,and your mental activity is actually at a peak in late morning,Most of us are sharpest 2 and a half to 4 hours after waking.But your memory is impacted as the day moves on.In the morning we forget an average of 5 facts,but by afternoon we forget around 14.Not if you're a young adult though.In fact the reverse is true,with young people becoming more mentally alive in the afternoon and evening.

进入工作状态 早晨迟些时候人的脑活动最为活跃。大多数人在醒来后2-4小时状态最好。但记忆力随着一天的流逝会愈加受挫。早晨我们平均会忘记5件事,而到了下午就回变成14件。但如果你是年轻人。那么情况正相反,年轻人在下午和晚上精神会越来越活跃。

But,at night our biological clocks seems to turn off the proteins involved in forming long term memories,which is why it's best not to cram for a test all night.It's noon and it's time for lunch!Your stomach is able to expand as much as two and half pints to receive a meal.Here it stays for a few hours before it's sent to your small intestine.

但 晚上我们的生物钟似乎将有关形成长期记忆的蛋白质切断了。所以考试前通宵抱佛脚并不是好主意。中午,午餐时间!胃可以变大2.5品脱(约1.4升) 用于装食物。食物在胃里待上几小时后 会转移到小肠。

We digest meals without even thinking about it in fact,there is a brain of sorts in your belly called the enteric nervous system which performs everything from sensing nutrients,measuring acids,and coordinating the immune system to defend your gut.Around 2:30pm and lunch has left us a wave of fogginess and fatigue.After a meal your body has a short boost in energy from the glucose,but is then followed by a wave of insulin,the hormone that transports sugar to your cells.

我们消化食物时不需要分神考虑这件事。事实上 你肚子里有个类似大脑的存在——肠道神经系统 它统筹一切 通过感知营养盐.测量酸度和协调免疫系统来保护你的内脏。下午2:30左右 午餐给我们带来了一波迷糊和疲劳感。午餐后 葡萄糖给身体带来了短暂的能量刺激,但随后而来的一波胰岛素,将糖分转移到了细胞。

Scientists believe that insulin might pull too much from your blood,causing an energy nosedive.However,this phenomenon occurs even if you don't have lunch,which has led to much research on the power of naps,which increase productivity and safety.4:30pm and it's time to hit the gym.Though many try to work out in the morning,studies suggest that you may gain 20% more muscle strength by working out in the afternoon.

科学家们认为由于胰岛素 从血液中夺走太多糖分 导致能量暴跌。然而 即使你没吃午餐也会发生这种现象,因此出现了不少有关午睡力量的研究,午睡能提高生产力和安全性。下午4:30 健身时间。释然许多人尝试在早餐锻炼,研究表明与早上相比 下午锻炼肌肉强度会增加20%。

You airways are more open.your heart works more efficiently and your reaction time is at its peak.Much of this has to do with your core body temperature peaking later in the day.Even most sports records are achieved between 3pm and 8pm.Now you start off the evening by joining some friends for drinks.During cocktail hour you're actually more tolerant to the effects of alcohol.

此时你的气道大开。心脏效率更高 并且反应时间也最灵敏。这些都与你每天午后核心体温剧增有关。大多数运动的记录都是在下午3—8点创下的。现在你和几个朋友一起喝酒开始享受夜生活。在饮用餐前鸡尾酒时你对酒精的耐受度其实更好。

In one study,those drinking vodka at 9am had significnatly worse reaction time and psychological functioning than those who had the same dose at 6pm.It's around 8:30pm now and you catch someone's eye in the bar.Most of our mammalian ancetors have ways of advertising their fertility.It turns out that human women also give cues when they're ovulating.

在一项研究中 那些早上9点饮用伏特加的人 反应时间和心理功能明显比 下午6点饮用等量酒的人弱多了。晚上8:30左右 你在酒吧里引起了某人的注意。大部分哺乳动物的祖先都有自己播散魅力的方法。女性排卵时往往会给出信号。

In fact,when looking at pictures of women,studies show men find women in the fertile phase to be more attractive.You ask each other to dance which brings you close enough to get a wiff-after all,your sebaceous and apocrine glands release scents through the armpit which potential partners may find attractive.And because humans walk upright.the armpit is the ideal body part to disperse scent.

事实上 一项研究通过给男性展示女性照片发现 排卵期的女性更具吸引力。当你邀请某人共舞时 你们之间的距离会近到足以闻到气味。皮脂和大汗腺会通过腋窝释放气味 吸引潜在伴侣。由于人类是直立行走的,因此腋窝是分散气味最理想的身体部位。

It's 11pm now,which is the most popular time for sex(ual activity).Which has little to do with our bodies and more to do with societal schedules.In fact,levels of testosterone are much lower in the evening and peak at 8AM.While semen quality is best in the afternoon with 35x106 more spermatozoa per ejaculation.As such,couples hoping to conceive have better chances with midday sex than during the midnight hour.

晚上11点了 这是最常进行性爱的时间。这和我们的身体没啥关系 主要是受社会作息的影响。事实上 夜间睾丸素水平较低 其峰值在早上8点。精子质量则是下午最棒 此时每次射精精子高达35*106.因此 想受孕的夫妻中午大干一场 几率会比午夜更大。

As you go to sleep and finally begin to drift off,melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland which begins the sleep cycle,which happens multiple times through the night.A change from alpha wave drowsiness to lower frequency theta brain waves signify early sleep.And as your sleep deepens,your brain moves to longer delta waves.For children,sleep is the time in which 90% of bone growth occurs.

当你上床并且渐渐睡着,松果体会分泌褪黑激素 开始睡眠周期,睡眠周期会在夜间重复多次。脑波从波变化到低频波 为早期睡眠。随着睡眠加深 脑波会变成更长的波。对于儿童而言 90%的骨骼生长都发生在睡觉时间。

Finally,as you move into REM sleep,your brain is as busy as it was during the day,firing theta waves with burst of alpha and beta.Though dreams occur in all stages of sleep,it is during REM that our dreams are most vivid and intense.Recent brain scans have shown that neurotransmitters like serotonin,histamine and noradrenaline are shut off at this point,turning off reason and logical sense of time which explains some weird dreams!

最终 当你进入快速眼动睡眠,你的大脑还是跟白天一样忙,通过和波的爆发激活波。虽然在整个睡眠过程都会做梦,但是快速眼动状态时我们的梦境会更真实激烈。最近 脑部扫描显示此时神经传导物质 如血清素,组胺和去肾上腺素 会被切断,关闭对于时间的理性和逻辑感  这就是做怪梦的部分原因!

We dream for an hour and half to two hours each night,meaning you spend about 6 years vividly dreaming over your lifetime!In the middle of the night,your body actually wakes up periodically,in something called microarousals.These can last only seconds,but occur between 200-1000 times per night.Though most of us in the western world sleep all in one go,many past cultures sleep was broken up into two periods with social activity in between.

我们每晚做梦时间1.5小时到2小时,也就是说你一辈子会花6年时间来做各种生动的梦!深夜中,身体会周期性的醒来——这叫微觉醒。仅仅几秒就结束了 但一晚上会发生200—1000次。虽然我们大多按西方多合一式睡一次,过去许多文化会根据社会活动的间隙分两次睡。

Some studies have even shown that we have two distinct 4 hour natural sleep periods,which in the past would last between 8pm 12am,and then again from 2am-6am.By 4:30am,your body temperature is at its lowest and your sleep continues to move through the cycle.In a few hours,it'll be good morning body!Time for another day;)

有些研究甚至发现 我们有两段长达4小时的睡眠周期,在过去就是晚上8点到12点 然后下一段是早上2点到6点。早上4:30你的体温处于一天之中最低值 而睡眠在继续它的周期。几小时后 又是新的一天 。

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