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英语视频畅谈欧美人文风情85:教授告诉你什么是好电影,讲述了关于tour the World,含有中英双语阅读、视频及mp3下载。

Thanks to the American Film Institute for, ever since 1966, 1967 creating this place where talented and gifted young people, and not so young people, can come to learn the tools that they can use in order to help us see better films. Hollywood may not welcome you, but Hollywood needs you. And I'm looking forward to reviewing your films.


In this group of people here, our filmmakers who will make Academy Award-winning films, filmmakers whose films we will remember a thousand years from now, a thousand, think if we could see any film at all, even a five-minute camera on the street from the year 1000, and this last century that we went through was the first century that is recorded on film for people to see as long as there are people who want to see them, so...you'll be recording your times and our times after all of us are gone.


And the motion picture is the most important art form ever devised by the human race. That's because it is the art form that creates more empathy than every other and than any other. It creates our ability to step out of our own shoes. One of the marks of civilization is to be able to somehow step outside your own mind and your own experience, and understand what it is like to be a person of another race, another age, another gender, another nationality, to have physical capabilities, to have different beliefs.


And when I go to the movies, for two hours at least, I have an out-of-body experience. The movie is working for me to some degree I'm that person on the screen. I forget my social security number. I don't know where I parked the car. I'm having vicariously an experience that happened to someone else. And that makes me a better person or can make me a better person.


And I sincerely believe that to see good films and to see important films is one of the most profoundly civilized experiences that we can have as people; that when we go to the theater and empathize with those people who are not ourselves, it makes us better people, more broad-minded, more able to understand what's right with the world and what's wrong with the world.


Now there're also films that are unworthy. There're films that are merely entertaining, I mean, I'm the guy who gave thumbs-up to The Day After Tomorrow. I love the tidal wave, right? I mean, if you wanna see a Russian tanker floating down fifth avenue, you've got to go see that film. I mean that's...


On the other hand, when I saw Monster, which is made by a graduate of this institution, I was so profoundly moved that I told Richard Roeper who loved it also, "We have to do this not a week early, not two weeks early. We have to review this three weeks early to get the word out there because this is the movie."

另一方面,当我看到《女魔头》,这是由这个学院的一位毕业生所制作的,我深深地受到感动,因此我告诉同样也喜爱这部电影的Richard Roeper :“我们必须不只在一周前、不只在两周前做这件事,我们得在三周前写这部片的影评,让消息散布出去,因为这是真正好电影。”

These small films, like this, these independent films get lost. They have to compete against sixty million-dollar advertising campaigns, and the word has to get out of there. This is important.


And I believed today, as I said, that Charlize Theron in that film is one of the greatest performances in the history of the cinema. But in a way, it's misfortune that her performance was so great that it drew attention away from Patty Jenkins's achievement as the director. Because that was a great film.

今日我相信,如同我所说的,那部电影中的莎莉赛隆是影史上最杰出的表演之一。但某一方面来说,很不幸的是她的表现是如此优异,以致于它把注意力从Patty Jenkin身为导演的成就上给转移开了。因为那是部优秀的电影。

And for her, to be able to put her mind and her imagination into the life of this person, who had been casted away by the society, Aileen Wuornos, and to see what her life had been like and what made her that person who committed those murders; that person whose society rejected and whose social workers never came into contact with.

对她来说,能够将她的想法和她的想像力注入到这个人的生活中,她被社会抛弃,Aileen Wuornos,能够看看她的人生是什么样子以及是什么让她成为犯下那些谋杀案的人;那个她的社会拒斥、她的社工从未联系的人。这个人代表我们社会上的许多人,他们在我们所生活的世界中没有享受过他们应得的利益。

That person represents many people in our society who have not enjoyed the benefits that they should have in this world that we live in.


And so they call her America's first serial killer as if she belongs in that Guinness Book of World Records isn't enough, we have to try to find out who that person was. And that film helped me to find out who that person was, and where she came from, and how in a way our society helped her hold the gun that committed those murders.

那是一部伟大的电影所能做的事,那是Patty Jenkins所做的事,那是莎莉赛隆所做的事。那是我身后许多人用他们的电影已经完成了的事。而那也是你们所要去做的事,我迫不及待要看到你们去做。谢谢。

So that's what a great film can do, and that's what Patty Jenkins did and that's what Charlize Theron did. That's what many other people behind me have done with their films. And that's what you guys are gonna go do, and I can't wait to see you do it. Thank you.

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