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这里是美国之音慢速英语词语典故节目,我是Susan Clark。

I'm Susan Clark with the Special English program WORDS AND THEIR STORIES.
这里是美国之音慢速英语词语典故节目,我是Susan Clark。

A woman from Japan was telling a friend about her trip to the United States. The woman had visited major businessesand investment companies in New York City and Chicago.

"I studied English before I left home," she said. "But I still was not sure that people were speaking English."

Her problem is easy to understand. Americans in business are like people who are in business anywhere. They have a language of their own.

Some of the words and expressions deal with the special areas of their work. Other expressions are borrowed from different kinds of work such as the theater and movie industry.One such saying is get your act together.
有的词语和表达方式是专门用在工作领域的,还有一些表达借用自戏剧、电影等别的行业。其中的一个表达就是get your act together。

When things go wrong in a business, an employer may get angry. He may shout, "Stop making mistakes. Get your act together."

Or, if the employer is calmer, he may say, "Let us get our act together."

Either way, the meaning is the same. Getting your act together is getting organized . In business, it usually means to develop a calm and orderly plan of action.
无论怎么说,两种说法的意思是一样的。Getting your act together是组织起来的意思。在商业中,通常表示制定一个平静有序的行动计划。

It is difficult to tell exactly where the saying began. But, it is probable that it was in the theater or movie industry.

Perhaps one of the actors was nervous and made a lot of mistakes. The director may have said, " Calm down , now. Get your act together."

Word expert James Rogers says the expression was common by the late nineteen seventies. Mister Rogers says the Manchester Guardian newspaper used it in nineteen seventy-eight. The newspaper said a reform policy required that the British government get its act together.
词语专家James Rogers说,这个说法在20世纪70年代末很常用。Roger说,曼彻斯特卫报在1978年使用了这个表达。该报称,一项改革政策要求英国政府共同行动起来。

Now, this expression is heard often when officials of a company meet. One company even called its yearly report, "Getting Our Act Together."

The Japanese visitor was confused by another expression used by American business people. It is cut to the chase.
还有一个同法令这位日本客人感到迷惑,那就是It is cut to the chase。

She heard that expression when she attended an important meeting of one company. One official was giving a very long report.It was not very interesting. In fact, some people at the meeting were falling asleep.

Finally, the president of the company said, "Cut to the chase."

Cut to the chase means to stop spending so much time on details or unimportant material. Hurry and get to the good part.
Cut to the chase意思是停止在细节或无关紧要的环节上花费过多时间,赶紧进入正题。

Naturally, this saying was started by people who make movies. Hollywood movie producers believe that most Americans want to see action movies . Many of their movies show scenes in which the actors chase each other in cars, or in airplanes or on foot.

Cut is the director's word for stop. The director means to stop filming , leave out some material, and get to the chase scene now.

So, if your employer tells you to cut to the chase, be sure to get to the main point of your story quickly.
所以,如果你的雇主要你cut to the chase,那你一定要马上进入主题啊!

This WORDS AND THEIR STORIES program was written by Jeri Watson. I'm Susan Clark.
本期的词汇典故作者Jeri Watson,我是Susan Clark。

1.probable adj.可能的;大概的

eg. It is probable that the medication will suppress the symptom without treating the condition...

2.require v.需要

eg. If you require further information, you should consult the registrar.

3.organized a. 安排有序的,有组织的

eg. His life was almost too organized.

4.orderly a.整齐的,有秩序的

eg. David was always a quiet orderly boy.

5.confuse vt.使困惑,把…弄糊涂

eg. They confused me by their conflicting advice.

1.Some of the words and expressions deal with the special areas of their work.

deal with论述;讨论;涉及

...the parts of his book which deal with contemporary Paris.

2.The director may have said, " Calm down , now. Get your act together."

calm down冷静,平静

Calm down for a minute and listen to me...

3.In fact, some people at the meeting were falling asleep.

fall asleep入睡,长眠

The man chucked himself down on the hard bench and fell asleep.

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