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23岁的Rio Safiyanto在印尼雅加达中心卖面具,每个约30分钱。他挣了足够的钱,买了手机,这样就可以登录Facebook和Twitter这样的网站,还能寻找游戏应用程序。


From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report.

Twenty-three-year old Rio Safiyanto sells face masks, or coverings, for about 30 cents each in central Jakarta, Indonesia. He makes enough money to buy a cell phone that permits him to visit websites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as finding gaming applications, or apps.
23岁的Rio Safiyanto在印尼雅加达中心卖面具,每个约30分钱。他挣了足够的钱,买了手机,这样就可以登录Facebook和Twitter这样的网站,还能寻找游戏应用程序。

Rio Safiyanto says every average person has a cellphone. He likes having one because he can talk to his family when he is away from home. And, he is especially pleased that he can use it to listen to music. Mr. Safiyanto's phone has a keypad that makes it look like a Blackberry.
Rio Safiyanto说一般人都有手机,自己想要一个,是因为可以出门在外时和家人打电话。还可以用手机听音乐,这点他非常喜欢。Safiyanto手机还有个小键盘,看起来像黑莓。

It is known as a feature phone or smartphone lite. That is because it is cheaper and cannot perform as many actions as more advanced phones like the Apple iPhone.

These devices make up the majority of cell phones sold around the world. They have proven more successful in places like Indonesia, where some smartphones cost 700 dollars or more. Although many lower-income users are new to smartphones, they are quickly learning to use the technology.

Eddy Tamboto is the managing director of the Jakarta office of the Boston Consulting Group. He explains the importance of having a mobile phone.
Eddy Tamboto是波士顿咨询集团驻雅加达分公司经理,他解释了拥有一部智能手机的意义。

"It's basically the way they get to know about employment opportunities, the way they get to know about entrepreneurial opportunities. So the phone and the smartphone is not just a convenience or indulgence, but, actually, it's a big part of day to day necessity".

Cell manufacturer Nokia offers a service called Life Tools. For a small monthly payment, the company sends text messages to farmers. The messages tell of weather conditions, crop prices, agricultural news and give other advice.

Local businessman Aldi Haryopratomo has developed a way for small store owners to sell things like prepaid cellphone minutes and life insurance through text messages. Ruma is the company that developed the technology. The company is working on a system that will notify people about jobs in their area.
当地商人Aldi Haryopratomo想出了很多办法,帮助小商户通过短信进行预付手机费用和人寿保险这样的经营。Ruma是一家科技开发公司,该公司正在开发一个告知人们当地就业信息的系统。

At a recent digital technology show in Jakarta, banks offered no-interest financing for credit card purchases. Marina Luthfiani manages a mobile shop in the area. She said almost everyone can buy a smartphone because of competitive financing and credit choices. She says Indonesians like to buy the latest devices.
最近在雅加达举行的数字技术展上,银行向信用卡购买提供无息融资。Marina Luthfiani在当地管理一家手机店,她说有了竞争的金融和信贷选择,几乎人人都能买得起智能手机。她说印尼人喜欢购买最近产品。

A report last June by Semiocast, a French internet research company, said Jakarta was the world's top tweeting city, ahead of Tokyo and London.

1.keypad n. 按键;小型键盘

eg. Mobile phone keypad, computer keyboard are all touch-tone keypad.

2.smartphone n. 智能手机

eg. Smartphone apps should be browsed, not downloaded, a Google exec says.

3.prepaid adj. 先付的,已支付的

eg. A bill of lading may be either freight prepaid or freight payable at destination.

4.notify vt. 通告,通知;公布

eg. The joint communiqué between the two countries was notified in the newspapers and over the radio.

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